L. Neil Smith's
Number 221, April 28, 2003


Gun Control: My Take on a Good Gun Control Bill
by John Lopez

Exclusive to TLE

In regards to Mr. Meaker's column "Homeland Security: My Take On A Good Homeland Security Bill", I present this:

"Illegal Gunowners are those owning firearms within the United States without identification and documentation. If in the United States, illegal Gunowners are not allowed to shoot with any legal gunowner, nor to purchase any ammunition or component thereof (including, but not limited to, primers, powder, cases, bullets, or shot), nor to purchase any accessory for any firearm or ammunition, nor to carry or possess such items. If illegal Gunowners are found shooting, the property of any range that caters to illegal Gunowners can be seized, any government official who supervised them may be impeached or formally removed, and Federal Agents incur a penalty equal to the largest of one recent year's earnings. Illegal Gunowners may be detained for up to 20 years at hard labor, and their work and earnings confiscated to pay for their detention, and eventual transportation to a designated location.

"No illegal gunowner shall be permitted to use financial services provided by any Federal Agent, legal gunowner, or any corporation paying taxes to the United States. No illegal gunowner shall receive medical treatment other than that necessary to stabilize them for detention and transportation to said designated location. No child of an illegal gunowner shall become a Federal Agent by virtue of being born in the United States, if the mother or legal gun owning father is an illegal gunowner. Federal Agents, and Corporations that provide financial services, or medical services to illegal Gunowners may be fined up to one recent year's earnings for providing optional medical or financial services to illegal Gunowners. Legal Gunowners who provide financial services or other than emergency medical care to illegal Gunowners may be fined as if a Federal Agent, and then deported to a designated location. Government officials who provide financial services or other than emergency medical care may be impeached or removed.

"Legal Gunowners shall register and identify themselves at their property line, pay a fee to cover costs of registration, receive and carry government issued identification, and must start and retain a bank account, making monthly transactions for the duration of their gun ownership. Banks must provide records of the transactions of legal Gunowners to the department of the Treasury every month. There are no restrictions on employment, travel, firearms ownership, or medical care of legal Gunowners.

"A documented record or reliable testimony demonstrating visual identification or finger print identification, matching the government issued identification to a national registry of legal Gunowners is an affirmative defense for any Federal Agent, Corporation, or government official.

"All Federal Agents are encouraged to carry personal defense weapons. Unregistered and unrestricted (Vermont style) concealed carry is the law of the land, in all properties owned by state, federal government, or by corporations, to include any vehicle, ship, aircraft or other conveyance. Federal Agents who attend firearms training (to include prior military) receive a %20 reduction in taxes. Federal Agents who served in military receive a %30 reduction in taxes. Federal Agents wounded in military or militia service receive a %40 reduction in taxes. Federal Agents who lost a child to injury or wounds during military or militia service receive a %50 reduction in taxes. Personal defense firearms are those that can be carried and operated by one person, have no provision by which it can be mounted to a vehicle, and accept individual cartridges or magazines of fixed capacity (that is, not including belt feed), in any caliber and chambering purchased by the US military or any police force of the state in which the individual resides during the last 100 years. (To include, but not limited to 30/06, .308 W, .45 Colt, .45ACP, .38 Special, .40 Smith & Wesson, .357 Magnum, 12gauge, 9mm Parabellum. .223 Remington, .338 Remington Magnum).

"Persons who conspire to use deadly force to attack the property, institutions, authority, or officials of the government of the United States, or persons who conspire to use deadly force to attack the property, or officials of any corporation organized in the United States, if that corporation pays taxes to the government of the United States, or persons who conspire to use deadly force to attack the property or person of any Federal Agent of the United States, are subject to incarceration for not less than 20 years for any act which causes injury, and for their natural life if the act causes death."

Get it?


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