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Number 221, April 28, 2003


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Some of you probably saw the ABC Prime Time distortion of what happened at the Branch Davidian Church in Waco 10 years ago.

One of the surviving former children of Waco who was on the show, issued a blistering press release the day after the program aired.

Brad Borst, now a Fort Collins, Colo., policeman, who lived at Waco when he was a teenager, and whose mother died in that horror, said ABC lied when they promised to allow the survivors to ask the FBI representative whatever questions they wished.

It didn't happen, he said. During the interview, he was told by the producer that he couldn't ask certain questions.

"ABC has made misleading statements about the Branch Davidians in what appears to be an attempt to justify the historical end result. I went into this interview trusting ABC, and now I feel like a victim all over again," he said.



[...] A movement called the Free State Project has registered some 3,100 people who would help choose a "candidate" state and move there in hopes of canceling laws against drugs, prostitution, guns and other individual liberties, while privatizing current state functions such as schools.

[...] The project is the idea of Jason Sorens, 26, a doctoral candidate in political science at Yale University. After the 2000 elections, he said, he felt Libertarians needed a new way to promote their cause.

[...] Which state is a favorite? Project officials say a major downside for Idaho is its Mormon population, which isn't likely to support legalizing prostitution and drugs or drop taxes on booze and tobacco.

Montana? A small economy.

Wyoming? Maybe too rugged.

[...] Mark Snider, spokesman for Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne, said he was sorry to learn that Idaho was on the list. He warned the Free Staters not to confuse Idahoans' love for small government with a desire for nearly no government.

"The majority of Idahoans want safe streets, and not to be under the threat of drunk drivers, drug addicts or criminals," Snider said.

Chuck Butler, a spokesman for Montana Gov. Judy Martz, said Montana is a huge state that welcomes newcomers. But he encouraged the Free Staters to take a closer look at Idaho.

"Idaho is more inviting," Butler said.


ON THIS DATE (4/27/1978)

Afghanistan President Sardar Mohammed Daoud is overthrown and murdered in a coup led by procommunist rebels. The brutal action marked the beginning of political upheaval in Afghanistan that resulted in intervention by Soviet troops less than two years later.

[...] In the years following the Soviet intervention, Afghanistan became a Cold War battlefield. ... The United States provided arms and other assistance to what Reagan referred to as the "freedom fighters" in Afghanistan. ...



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