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Number 222, May 5, 2003


Consider The Poor Citizen
by Mike Straw

Special to TLE

Is the Constitution of the united States actually the supreme law of the land? If not, why are all oaths of office specifically to defend that Constitution?

Are you truly innocent until proven guilty?

Does a law-abiding, hard-working citizen have the absolute, uninfringed right to protect himself and his beloved family while inside his own dwelling? Jim and Sarah, as well as a "million" Mothers, say "no."

Consider the poor citizen: Ronald Dixon, twenty-seven, a Navy veteran who works two jobs, doing computer work at Carnegie Hall and a Wall Street firm on weekends, of Canarsie New York shot and wounded Ivan Thompson, forty, of 790 Eldert Lane, East New York, just before eight A.M. inside his family's Schenck Street home after he was awakened by a loud noise and saw in his bedroom mirror the reflection of a man illegally in the hallway near the bedroom where his innocent eighteen-month-old son Kyle was sleeping.

While his courageous wife, Tricia Best, twenty-seven, frantically dialed nine-one-one, Dixon drew a nine millimeter Ruger defensive pistol from his closet and justifiably confronted the man, who by then was illegally rifling through drawers in the harmless child's bedroom. Pressed for an explanation, Ivan Thompson tried to scare Dixon by pretending he was sent upstairs by accomplices searching for valuables downstairs, mercenary proxy-guardian "police," who were, as usual, impotent to prevent it said.

When it became apparent Dixon was standing his ground, Thompson illegally advanced toward Dixon, who justifiably fired at least twice, striking Thompson once in the chest and once in the groin. Thompson, a career burglar with a fourteen-page rap sheet, who has nineteen previous arrests, and who's on parole until 2004 for a burglary conviction, tumbled down the stairs, then got up and fled before collapsing outside the house. He was rushed to Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center, was listed in critical but stable condition, and is unfortunately expected to survive.

Dixon bought the defensive firearm legally in Florida, but was charged with criminal possession of a weapon because the defensive firearm isn't yet unconstitutionally registered in the evil social fascist oligarchy of New York, although the law-abiding Dixon had conscientiously filed the necessary paperwork to do so, paying a firm specializing in expediting applications for legal defensive firearm permits in New York City. The company respectfully took his money, happily cashed the check — and then went out of business.

Evil social fascist Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, whose unconstitutional, mercenary "Turn it in for Benjamin" "buyback" program embarrassingly crashed in flames when the only people to turn in firearms were all the court officers rushing to turn in their rusty revolvers in favor of high-capacity Glock self-loaders, wants Dixon to serve a year at the jail on Rikers Island, the very same jail Thompson is incarcerated at, thus conforming to Rabbi ben Levi's axiom in failing to distinguish between the illegal gunplay of drug dealers and an honest man justifiably protecting his home.

Hynes' smarmy spokesman Jerry Schmetterer coos, "There is no question he had the right to shoot the burglar [illegally] in his house, but he had no [Constitutional] right to have a weapon." Nullum crimen sine poena — no "crime" must remain without punishment, whether the law explicitly provides for it or not.

Don Bennett of Oak Park Illinois was arrested after resorting to using a legal defensive firearm to protect himself during a robbery in which twelve hundred dollars worth of cash and jewels were illegally stolen from him.

Ronald Biggs of Goldsboro North Carolina was arrested and charged with a felony, assault with a deadly weapon, after a break-and-enter in the night at his residence. The threats illegally ransacked the house and assaulted him with a baseball bat. They were only charged with misdemeanors.

Don Campbell of Port Huron Michigan was arrested, jailed, and criminally charged after being illegally assaulted in his store.

Thirty-one-year-old James Hill of Durham North Carolina is facing murder charges after legally defensively shooting a burglar in his own front yard after being violently assaulted with what was probably a brick.

On February eighteenth 2003 in Queens New York, an airman, Manuel Falquez, twenty-two, justifiably shot a threat with an unregistered thirty-eight-caliber revolver illegally breaking into the living-room balcony of the third-floor apartment of his mother, who'd recently won a one hundred thousand dollar lottery payout. Falquez drew a defensive nine-millimeter pistol and righteously ordered the intruder to drop his illegal weapon, and justifiably shot the threat once in the head when he obstinately refused to disarm himself. A spokesman for Queens District Attorney Richard Brown said Falquez would be charged with criminal possession of a weapon. That goes beyond the definition of obscene; it's the very embodiment of the tyranny our forefathers died to destroy.

In December 2002 in Long Island New York, Mark Freamon justifiably fired on an illegal home invader. Not charged for justly shooting the predatory criminal, Mark was nonetheless charged with mala prohibita weapons violations. In August 2002, a jury of his "peers," extremist victim disarmers all, convicted Tony Knighten of Philadelphia Pennsylvania "of firing a [defensive firearm] he was not licensed to carry" in self-protection.

In 1996 in the evil social fascist oligarchy Maryland, Theron Richardson witnessed a neighbor being illegally strangled. As his wife frantically dialed nine-one-one, Theron, perhaps recalling the fate of innocent Kitty Genovese, courageously went to help — but, perhaps recalling the kindly treatment Maryland "law-enforcement" offers its unorganized Militia members, he first prudently unloaded his defensive firearm, then confronted the predatory criminals. No matter, arrested and handcuffed, brave Theron was unceremoniously tossed into the same paddy wagon as the predatory criminals!

In 1994 in Washington D. C., "Becky" successfully protected both her life and that of her innocent daughters after a pair of predatory criminals equipped with knives, gasoline, ski masks and duct tape (they could have been from the office of Homeland "Security") tied one of her precious daughters. After a fierce struggle for the illegal knife, tumbling down the stairs, "Becky" justifiably shot one of the predatory criminals. But this was in Washington D. C., where only your servants, the elected politicians, their aides, secretaries, drivers and bartenders are legally allowed the Constitutional right to protect themselves — not you. The list is endless.

The fact is, this nation has already been effectively disarmed and politically overthrown by evil social fascism, a far cry from the independent thinkers who founded this nation, saying, as John Adams did, "Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. The jaws of power are always open to devour, and her arm is always stretched out, if possible, to destroy the freedom of thinking, speaking, and writing. Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the People, who have... a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean the characters and conduct of their rulers. There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free 'government' ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty. Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among people."

An extremely traumatic event occurs when, after you've just succeeded in remaining alive despite overwhelming odds and

  1. Your primal response is one of, "That guy just tried to kill me but I'm still alive! I must have done something right!" and

  2. The "official" response to your life-preserving action is, "Get on the ground, scumbag! You're under arrest!" and

  3. The tool you just used to preserve your very life, and now have a fond regard for, is forcibly removed from you; you're, not gently, physically restrained and handcuffed, then cruelly isolated by being tossed into a cage dedicated to predatory criminals, with no contact with any compassionate person who could calm and comfort you, a form of torture for the specific purpose to psychologically defeat you when you're at your lowest emotional point, impersonally "grilling" you, thereby fostering further doubt and insidiously "planting" their version of events which your information-starved brain regurgitates and solidifies — permanently, through confabulation, so real you'll pass a lie-detector test about it — into the "real" way it happened. You'll live with the image of that terrible moment burned into your soul, but no one can bear the burden but you. But you're not going to get a union or municipally-paid counselor to help you through this -you're on your own.

Why isn't there a national victim advocate system to pay the medical and legal bills of honest unorganized Militia members illegally assaulted by predatory criminals?

Why is there no "eight hundred" number you can dial at any hour to get the required counseling for the psychological burden this lowlife scumbag has illegally dumped on you?

For you, there'll be no powerful ceremony, no positively-reinforcing societal ritual conferring a physical talisman bestowing confirmation to you, your family, friends, neighbors and the public that you weren't the bad guy, that you did something good and deserving of approval, praise and adulation to their cheers and accompanying strains of "Fanfare for the Common Man" by Aaron Copeland.

At this time you'll instead be reeling from the full weight of the certain knowledge that Der State holds predatory criminals in higher regard than you, since you're now impoverished and imprisoned, and the creepy bad guy — Mister Bad Guy to you — is being represented for free by the best lawyers that the Banana-head Brady Bunch can purchase with money supplied by every Hollywood druggie/actor-singer alive and every social fascist talk show host/reporter out there — and I do mean out there.

In spite of the fact that you're being held almost incommunicado and that nearly every word that reaches your ears is a calculated lie, you still feel guilt over winning the fight, because you're alive and he isn't, while simultaneously feeling elation at the exact same thought.

Seems a little insane, doesn't it?

Due to stress, there'll be holes in your recollection, and you'll swear you remember things happened that never did. This is the mental condition you'll be in when the District Attorney, a long-time evil social fascist, assaults your story with wild and absurd conjecture that a five-year-old would never believe, but every evil social fascist Rosie-watching juror is drooling over. He'll send your own lawyer in to you with a plea bargain to lower the charges to something less. something that will result in less than citizenship — and a criminal record guaranteeing you'll never carry again!

Believe me, you don't want to become part of the probation and parole population: arrogant mercenary proxy-guardian "police," parole, and probation officers now boldly go into homes without search warrants as a way of life for those unfortunates subject to parole or probation, harassing and arbitrarily arresting and revoking their parole and probation for the most asinine and unconstitutional reasons.

The most shocking and remarkable part of this travesty of justice is that it isn't cruel and unusual: it's always been done this way — which, like both segregation and abortion, certainly doesn't make it right. It simply proves the words of Rabbi Shimon ben Levi, "All who act compassionately in instances requiring cruelty ultimately become cruel in instances requiring acts of compassion," the emotional corollary of Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation: "Every object in the universe attracts every other object with a force directly proportional to the product of their mass and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them."

In certain situations, when the obvious perpetrator is what the disinformation media euphemistically refers to as "unclear," such as a "he said, she said" outside the family home, or the infamous Lautenberg scenario inside the home, discretion should be the better part of valor, and bracelets are in order, but in any clearly delineated circumstance where those happily "released" into society by the evil social fascist elite, who, of course, know much better what's good for us, like Massachusetts governor Michael "Mucko" Dukakis and Massachusetts (again!) judge Maria Lopez results in the well-regulated unorganized Militia member scoring one to the perpetrator's zero, the sheer weight of circumstance ought to plainly dictate that not only will Harry Homeowner not immediately rush right out and blast every living soul within sight, but probably won't consider a repeat performance of his previous engagement.

Why are law-abiding, hardworking citizens found in such exceptional circumstances not given the benefit of the doubt?

Because, as Jim and Sara constantly tell us, we're not to be trusted!

How will you react when it happens to you?


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