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"Never Forget?"

by MoPaul

Number 223, May 11, 2003


Letters To The Editor
Letters from MacGregor K. Phillips, Mike Straw, Curt Howland, Kent Van Cleave, Jeff Fisher, Lehr Duquesne, and MacGregor K. Phillips again:

Keelhaul Enterprise!
by William Stone, III
Until becoming a philosopher of the Zero Aggression Principle, I was a huge Star Trek fan—a Trekkie, in fact, back when "Trekkie" was considered a politically correct term by fans. Rather than expound the depths of my adoration for the show, I would suggest my essay "When Star Trek Was New", available in my Tales From SYL Ranch collection.

Why I Took Down "Old Glory"
by Jay P Hailey
I used to love my flag. I used to love the little 3 X 4" ones they'd hand out every 4th of July. I'd take them home and plant or post them all over my house.

Women With Guns Fight Back
by Wendy McElroy
Women need to defend themselves, especially single women or those with husbands overseas. And the media has a responsibility to discuss honestly the issue of gun ownership. The John Walsh Show on NBC may have dealt a blow (4/29) to both goals by "ambushing" three women who agreed to discuss their gun ownership and advocacy on air.

Spring Cleaning
by Manuel Miles, aka Kapt Kanada
Despite the fact that the city in which I live is under a carpet of snow, technically it is springtime in the northern hemisphere. This is the time of year when one prepares for summer by cleaning the house and the garage, doing the lawn work (or shovelling snow here in Alberta), et cetera. But you already knew all that. What you may not have realised is this: the Libertarian movement needs to do some cleaning up of its own, or it will choke on its own debris.

Review: The Case of the Cockamamie Killer
reviewed by Ellen Bingham
This 100-mile-an-hour novel succeeds in entertaining and may even succeed as art. I thought at first that it might be very bad. But every succeeding page took me further and further from that hypothesis. And around 2:30 in the morning and page 135 or so I was sure it must be very good.

We Are All Liberals Now
by Doug Newman
Rush Limbaugh always tells us that two identifying characteristics of a liberal are:
— An emphasis on symbolism over substance.
— An emphasis on feeling rather than thinking.

The Art of Threat Management
by Mike Straw
Is your family safe? If you spent a million dollars for the most opulent home, complete with the finest "security" equipment money could buy, would you feel safer? Ask fourteen year old Elizabeth Smart, who on June fifth 2002 who was illegally kidnapped at gunpoint from her own bedroom in their six-thousand six hundred square foot, six bedroom house in Salt Lake City Utah, as her terrified nine year old sister, Mary Katherine, looked on and her ignorant parents blissfully slept unaware. The alarm system was conveniently turned off.

The Morpheus Proposal
by Jim Davidson
When we first meet her, the character Trinity is in a room numbered 303. Throughout the film, "The Matrix" there is a delightful motif of numbers. A little later, we meet the character "Neo" who, we are told is "the one." Delightfully, Neo is an anagram of "one." After a knock on the door, we learn he is in room "101."

From The Editor

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