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Number 226, June 1, 2003

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Letter from Maciej Miasik

Letter from "Dick"

Dubya Visits Poland, Krakow Not Happy


Some funny info about Dubya's visit in Poland, in the beautiful city of Krakow (Cracow).

The city's mayor has been declared a sort of "persona non grata" by Dubya's office. He isn't allowed to welcome and farewell Bush, who is visiting mayor's town. No reasons has been released, but the mayor is known for openly criticizing the latest Dubya's war in one of the newspapers.

Also Dubya doesn't like the bells ringing. During his stay on Wawel, the former castle of Polish kings, the most famous Polish bell—Zygmunt's Bell from 1520—won't ring as it does every day at noon. Its sound is considered too loud for Dubya's sensitive ears.

Maciek Miasik [maciek@miasik.net

Not Happy With The Libertarian Party

What is it w/the LP? I have heard H. B. speak & liked what he had to say. When I was in DC I went to LP headquarters to offer my wife's & my services. We both have many skills the party could use (video production, event mgmt, I could sell refrigerators to Eskimos)

They blew us off.

I sent an Email to H. B, his owndarnself, outlining our abilities and our willingness to help.

No answer.

Call me a small 'l' libertarian. F#@$ the party.

El Neil for Prez

peace, freedom & keep your word


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