L. Neil Smith's
Number 227, June 8, 2003

Mr. Ed's Stable
by Dan Weiner, aka Mr. Ed
personal: dcweiner@hal-pc.org
Mr. Ed: mr-ed@webleyweb.com

Exclusive to TLE

Welcome to my 3rd issue as Editor! Mostly internal news this week's.

This issue may be the last sent by our group mail system. It has proven overwhelming to maintain the subscribes and unsubscribes, and would take me 4-6 or more hours to send to everyone. You see, I don't have broadband and can't afford to go it. My ISP does as well as any, but I get at most a 50K hook up. The idea was broached originally by former editor John Taylor and webmaster Ken Holder, but never got anywhere. Now that am on board, we ran the idea by the "Big Cheeses", got no refusal, and Taylor and I have made it happen. It also enables us to move publishing dayfor the subscriber's edition to Sunday, corresponding to the web version's.

Those on our current group email who have not confirmed, shold do so, as the "prequel" to the subscriber's edition shows how. Because it is too hard to trackthe confirmed subscribers at Topica, please let me know at tle@webleyweb.com so I can get you removed from the group mail list. I will send out my first test message from the topica liston Tuesday or Wednesday, and those who read it should let me know at the tle address above. And those who *don't* get it to read should let me know of that as well, so I can fix it. Once the thing is going, instructions will inform you how to unsubscribe without involving us as well. Fast for you, and more free time for me! I won't have to constantly maintain the subscribers' list!

Also, as you can see, Manuel Miles was the only one to to defend his minarchists only POV in the LP. Three wrote to support the anarchist and anarcho-capitslist Libertarians.

I would say he has a tough road to drive to get his way. And what will he do with the Dallas Accords?

Regular writers Bill Stone and Wendy McElroy were hhere again in force, as they always are. And new regular writer Todd Andrew Barnett was here again as well. And we are looking for more!

Coming up soon: the Mr. Ed's Neighsayers debate forum, discussing minarchism vs anarchism. Manuel Miles will take on Jim Davidson for the anarchist side, and hopefully a new fellow will weigh in with his POV as well. He is uncertain of which side he belongs to, understanding the truths of both POVs. I eagerly await what he has to say. He may be writing anonymously. Our publisher does not normally does not allow know this, but I do know his real name, and perhaps he will make an exception for me and this fellow. I do not want to see this become commonplace, and those who ask if they can be anonympus as well had better have good reasons for asking. I will turn most people down.

I will be on vacation from Sunday, June 8th to Wednesday, June 25th. I can still produce issues, but will enforce a Thursday at 6:00PM deadline on all submissions for those three issues.

I am not interested in being up all night Friday, as I often am now, finishing up the editing. I was up past 1:00AM for the first three issues. For the next three, 228,229, and 230, I will be playing on the weekends, and the weekend of June 13th, 14th, and 15th.I will be meeting our publisher and attending the LPNM convention. Everything submitted after 6PM Thursday that I like will be published the following week. After I return to Houston, the deadline returns to normal.

So, enjoy this issue, as well as all the issues to follow!

Dan Weiner, aka Mr. Ed

A horse is just a horse, of course...

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