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Number 228, June 22, 2003

by Not-Mr. Ed

IRS Workers Abuse Net Access
by the Associated Press

Internal Revenue Service employees using thousands of computers accessed prohibited websites that included personal e-mail, sexually explicit sites and games. To Treasury investigators, it was a sign that "significant misuse" of the Internet continues after a crackdown a year ago.

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Iraqi freedom lessons learned
by LTC Smith


Shotgun: This was a very useful addition to the MTOE. The shotguns were used mainly as ballistic breachers. Therefore, soldiers felt the length could be greatly shortened. They removed the stock and local purchased pistol grips and would have preferred a "sawed-off" configuration.

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See also: US v Miller, 1939

Case shows paying for errors is not part of the FBI's policy
by Gregory Kane

In some portions of the real world, you pay for your mistakes. Just try making an error on your tax return. Let's say you make a boo-boo and compute that you should get a $2,000 return. The Internal Revenue Service catches the mistake, and instead you owe $2,000. What happens? Does the IRS say, "You made a mistake, but we'll let it slide" or do they insist on getting their money one way or another? We all know the answer.

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No permit needed to carry concealed guns
By Mike Chambers
Anchorage Daily News

Alaskans will no longer need a permit to carry a concealed weapon under a bill signed into law Wednesday. [snip] The bill would adopt the so-called "Vermont Carry" law that allows residents to carry a concealed weapon without a special permit. Vermont has no laws against carrying concealed weapons, the governor's office said.

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Net Assets
by Carl Bussjaeger
"Access to Space for Everyone!"

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