L. Neil Smith's
Number 229, June 29, 2003

Mr. Ed is Back!

Mr. Ed's Stable
by Dan Weiner
dcweiner@hal-pc.org (personal)

Exclusive to TLE

Well, boys and girls, etc., I am back in Houston now. Unfortunately, the laptop I took with me to Albuquerque wouldn't go on-line, so there was no Issue 228 for a week, until our esteemed webmaster decided to produce a quickie for last Sunday. On Tuesday, my computer failed to bring up Outlook Express, my email client. I would dearly love to dump that one for something more reliable, but I don't know a thing about Linux, and none of the email clients I use for Windows has proven to work out, so I keep coming back to this one. GR-R-R-R!!!!! $160 later, on Thursday, I had myself a working Outlook Express, but for some reason, the .dll file needed to run Wordpad seems to be gone as well! I haven't decided what to do to fix that problem, so the text version this week is going to have some nonsense in it I can't edit out. At least everyone submitting stuff is doing so in their WordPad, so at least it will be all text. I am going to go find out what is wrong, so I can have a working WordPad for future articles.

Probably the best part of my time in New Mexico was at the LPNM convention, where there were some good speeches, better food than I would have expected from ABQ, and a number of really good folks to chat with. Especially cool was L. Neil Smith himself, who is a truly good guy, as well as Mike Blessing. There were quite a few others, but their names escape my memory right now. It would also seem that New Mexico has a good deal of Radical Libertarians as well, more so than Texas.

Unfortunately, I spent a good portion of my time up there being ill, with what seemed to be a persistent summer cold, and possibly a touch of flu. As I have never had the flu in the summer, I was quite amazed. I also made an appearance on Mike's The Weekly Sedition weekly TV show on the local public access channel, though I need to run the video tape to be sure I wasn't coughing too much, before I out it on the web anywhere. My segment was about Pinkpistols, the GLBT communty's pro-guns/pro self-defense group. We advocate that queer folks buy guns and master using them to stop gay bashing. The gay liberals are having a cow over us, especially as they can't make it go away, and the case for individual handgun ownership for self-defense is so strong now, that the victim disarmament crowd now resorts to lying and personal flames to try and make us shut up. It just ain't working, folks; no question we have won that battle. Our challenge is to get rid of the gun laws now, not prove our point! We all owe John Lott, Gary Kleck, and Don Kates a huge debt for their efforts! Continuing our push to dump those horrid gun laws is the best way to pay these guys back!

It is good to be home, now, and my next big job is to straighten out this stupid computer I am using.


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