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Number 229, June 29, 2003

Mr. Ed is Back!

Letters to the Editor
Presided over by Mr. Ed.
Letters from Jay P Hailey and Derek Benner:

Mr. Ed's Stable
by Dan Weiner
Well, boys and girls, etc., I am back in Houston now. Unfortunately, the laptop I took with me to Albuquerque wouldn't go on-line, so there was no Issue 228 for a week, until our esteemed webmaster decided to produce a quickie for last Sunday....

Why I'm a Libertarian
by William Stone, III
Despite his philosophical failings, the campaign slogan of 1996 and 2000 Libertarian Presidential Candidate Harry Browne's was totally correct: Government doesn't work.

by Chris Claypoole
There is a fable about how Man domesticated the Horse. Both Man and Horse were being preyed upon by a large Lion. Neither could prevent the Lion from taking and killing what he wanted. So the Man proposed that the Horse allow himself to be saddled and bridled for the Man to ride, allowing them to work as a team and hunt down the Lion. The Horse agreed, and the partnership was successful. As they stood over the rapidly cooling body of the Lion, the Horse said, "Wonderful! We're free of the Lion! Now, please dismount and take these uncomfortable leather things off of me." To which the Man replied, "Giddyap, Dobbin!"

Family Law and Foreign Policy
by Wendy McElroy
American-born Sarah Saga and her two Saudi-born children spent last week in the sanctuary of the U.S Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. So far the White House has not responded to swelling calls to "Free Sarah!" by a military rescue, if necessary. There are good reasons for the official silence. One of them: American foreign policy should not be flexed in what ultimately might be revealed to be a child custody dispute.

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