L. Neil Smith's
Number 232, August 3, 2003


Nothing to Do with Patriots
by Jim Davidson

Special to TLE

Many of us in the freedom community get very tired of seeing the words "the Patriot Act" in print. It isn't an act about patriots, nor about patriotism. A good case can be made that it isn't even about the USA as properly constituted.


"Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism act"

and the acronym is obviously both deliberate and a reach.

I think those opposing this vicious act would do better to call it "the Obstruct Terrorism act" or perhaps even "the Uniting...Terrorism act" rather than "the Patriot Act." Allowing Congresscritters and folx in the Justice Department to continue to hide behind partriotism by calling it "the Patriot Act" is not a good way to get it repealed.

If you have some idea that it isn't all that bad, take a look at the Electronic Frontier Foundation's take on it: [link]

Or examine the recent report on the Justice Department's use of it by their own Inspector General: [link]

But, whatever you think of it, whatever you object to about it, please stop calling it "the Patriot Act." Doing so is a lousy thing to say about patriots.

Jim Davidson is available to speak at liberty oriented events. http://www.ezez.com/free/freejim.html and is negotiable on his fee.

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