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Number 232, August 3, 2003



To all:

It is my very sad responsibility to inform you all that Dan Weiner has been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer which has already spread to his liver and his brain. He is now home with us, and anyone who would like to come and visit with him is most welcome. Please let me know if you would be interested, and we'll schedule a time.

Dan will be staying here with Marti and myself until he dies. I'll try to keep everyone posted as to what is happening with him.


Harlan Howe-Bennett


Short issue this week, for obvious reasons.

We're trying to pull ourselves together to bring TLE back to a regular schedule. I will be monitoring the mr-ed@webleyweb.com mailbox, so send submissions to that address.

And don't forget:

War is the common harvest of all those who participate in the division and expenditure of public money, in all countries. It is the art of conquering at home; the object of it is an increase of revenue; and as revenue cannot be increased without taxes, a pretence must be made for expenditure. In reviewing the history of the English Government, its wars and its taxes, a bystander, not blinded by prejudice nor warped by interest, would declare that taxes were not raised to carry on wars, but that wars were raised to carry on taxes.
—Thomas Paine, The Rights of Man (1792). (Project Guttenberg E-Text edition)


Nothing to Do with Patriots
by Jim Davidson
Many of us in the freedom community get very tired of seeing the words "the Patriot Act" in print. It isn't an act about patriots, nor about patriotism. A good case can be made that it isn't even about the USA as properly constituted.

The Shame on No Conservative Shame
by Todd Andrew Barnett
If CIA Director George Tenet's recent confession of the agency's approval of the erroneous statement used by President Bush for his January 28th State of the Union Address doesn't meet the requirements for a public condemnation from the American people, I don't know what will. However, considering that many conservative collectivists have no shame on this matter, as evidenced by statements coming from the Bush administration and conservative properties like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Debbie Schlussel, it should be obvious to any rational, free-thinking individual that they are willing to bury this entire matter as if it never happened. And this is coming from a group of so-called "strict constitutionalists" who claim that Bush's election to the White House has brought "integrity" and "ethics" back into the White House.

But ... But ... We're the Good Guys!
by Joel Simon
"The rise of a free and peaceful Iraq is critical to the stability of the Middle East. The stability of the Middle East is critical to the security of the United States." So said President Bush on the morning of July 30.

University students deserve human rights
by Wendy McElroy
University campuses are strongholds of left liberalism where Constitutionally-protected rights, such as freedom of speech and religion, are routinely violated. This September, make sure the students you care for pack protection of their civil liberties in with clothing and reference books.

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