A New Psychiatric Diagnostic Category; Politician Syndrome; DSM-IV 333.333

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Number 235, August 24, 2003

The Dominoes Fell

Update on Dan
by Mary Lou Seymour
I spoke at length to Harlan this evening. She had called earlier and talked briefly to my husband & asked me to call her when I got home from work. She wanted to make sure we didn't think poorly of her for the "rules" she set out in the email I forwarded earlier today. I assured her that I, at least, understood completely. I truly believe she and Marti are doing their best to keep Dan comfortable which means as little stress as possible. She said they had gotten Scott's illustrated Probability Broach and she was reading it aloud to Dan along with the chapters Neil sent, and that it seems to "calm him" and make him happy. She also said he likes the cards we've sent, although he no longer remembers who anyone is, just knowing that people are thinking of him is a positive force. He has gone down rapidly this week, he is like a 2 year old. I will not go into physical details.

Letters to the Editor
From Our Readers
Letter from Frank Ney.

Wannabe Terminators Target Term Limits
by Paul Jacob
Arnold Schwarzenegger has joined the race for California's hopefully soon-to-be-vacated governor's seat. Great. Arnold's a cool guy. And Governor Gray Davis is a disgrace who deserves to be recalled. Totally. He tells too many true lies--for instance, about the $38 billion deficit that was piling up on his desk last year even as election day drew near. Davis's management of the power crisis didn't exactly demonstrate electrifying leadership either.

What the #$@%???
by Francis A. Ney, Jr.
You have to wonder about the priorities of our police departments, particularly in New York and New Jersey. 9-11 notwithstanding, law enforcement in those areas have the reputation of being rude, overbearing, overzealous, and sorely lacking in fire discipline to put it mildly. One would think department brass would be concerned about things like official oppression, abuse of police powers, and crimes committed under color of authority, not to mention the enforcement of unconstitutional laws like USA PATRIOT, gun control, and the war on some drug users.

Who's the NRA?
by Jim Duenisng
George Bush, whose office the NRA was to be working out of, is in favor of more gun control than Bill Clinton. Emperor Bush favors the "reauthorization" of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban.

Criminal Justice
by William Stone, III
Those of us in South Dakota have been granted a rare opportunity to ponder the failings of government-supplied justice. Last Saturday, on his way to his nominal home in Brandon, South Dakota Congressman Bill Janklow rammed a motorcycle driven by Randolph E. Scott of Minnesota. Janklow was approaching an intersection at a high speed, failed to obey the posted stopsign, and struck Scott, who had the right of way. Scott sustained fatal injuries.

The Real Energy Blackout Culprit
by Todd Andrew Barnett
In case anyone hasn't noticed, so many members of the media, public interest firms, pro-regulatory groups, pundits, federal and state regulators, and politicians -- not to mention so many Americans -- by now have finger pointed "free enterprise" and "deregulation" as the primary sources of the recent East Coast power outage. The blackout, which took hold on over 30 million people from New York to Ontario, Canada, to the Southeastern region of Michigan at approximately 4:10 p.m. on August 14th, 2003 and ended for most people on August 15th, 2003, has also re-ignited the public demand for more federal encroachment on and involvement in the power industry -- an industry which has become quasi-public due to the burdensome and cumbersome amount of federal and state energy and environmental regulations. While there are those who are expressing their outrage at the power companies and assigning blame to them by claiming that "market failure" is the culprit behind this mess, should those of us as free-thinking, independent individuals be shocked by all of this?

Law Needs New Category of Sexual Assault
by Wendy McElroy
On January 6, the California Supreme Court ruled that when a woman rescinds consent during sex, the man becomes guilty of rape if he does not stop immediately. Last month, Illinois became the first state to enact that principle into law. Such measures trivialize the crime of rape and encourage false accusations that, in turn, threaten the credibility of actual rape victims.

A New Psychiatric Diagnostic Category; Politician Syndrome; DSM-IV 333.333
by Pam Ladds
Although it is unusual to add to an existing DSM instead of waiting for the new addition, extenuating circumstances make this imperative. The current increase in incidence of this syndrome and the apparent contagion factor make the availability of clear diagnostic criteria essential. Treatment options are limited owing to the gullibility (DSM-IV Foxnewsitis 666.66) factor of the general population. Current Strategies include Exposure Methods eg 12 Step Programs such as Politicians Publicus seen daily on Fox TV, where public breast beating and baring, ranting and raving apparently bore even hard core politicians into submission. Other treatment options include therapy from Ann Coulter or promotion to Bush's closet... err, make that Cabinet. Early diagnosis is essential to prevent the rapid disintegration from human being into full blown Politician.

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