L. Neil Smith's
Number 236, August 31, 2003

Finally, the Text of that Social Contract!

The Social Contract
Text by Joseph Knight
Modified by Mike Blessing

Special to TLE

SECTION 1: I will surrender a percentage of my property to the Government. The actual percentage will be determined by the Government and may be based on my income, the value of my property, the value of my purchases, or any other criteria the Government chooses, and is subject to change at any time. To aid the Government in determining the percentage, I will use a government identification number.

SECTION 2: I will limit my behavior as determined by the Government, consume only substances permitted by the Government, limit sexual activities to those permitted by the Government, and forsake religious beliefs that conflict with the Government's determination of propriety. I will use my property only in a manner determined by the Government.

SECTION 3: Upon demand, I will surrender my liberty for a period of time to be determined by the Government. During that time, I will serve the Government in any way it chooses, including military service in which I may be called on to kill or to sacrifice my own life.

SECTION 4: The Government will permit me to seek employment, subject to the limits it determines. These limits may restrict my choice of career or the wages that I accept.

SECTION 5: In consideration for the above, the Government will offer various services to me. The nature of such services will be determined by the Government and such services are subject to change at any time. The Government may attempt to protect my life and property, but is not liable if it fails to do so. The Government may prohibit me from protecting my own life or property.

SECTION 6: The Government will determine whether I may vote for certain officials and will determine which candidates are offered when a vote is permitted. The influence of my vote will vary inversely with the number of voters and I understand that it will typically be minuscule. I agree not to hold any official liable for acting against my best interests or for breaking promises, even if such promises motivated my vote.

SECTION 7: I agree that the Government may change these terms at any time and hold me fully liable if I fail to abide by these or any other terms. The Government may enter, search, or seize my home and other property without my consent or knowledge to ensure compliance, and the Government may confiscate or destroy my property, imprison me, or kill me with impunity at any time.

Signature is optional. Existence as a life force is presumed consent.

SIGNED: __________________________________________________________

DATE: ______/______/_______

WITNESS: _________________________________________________________

DATE: ______/______/_______


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