Professional Paranoid, Part II

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Number 237, September 7, 2003

Pretty Close to the Mark

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Stop Bustamente's Political Gouging!
by Todd Andrew Barnett
California Lieutenant Governor and gubernatorial candidate Cruz Bustamente obviously thinks he's a man on a crusade to protect consumers from "greedy" oil company executives. This same man, by the way, has publicly declared his support for troubled Democratic Governor Gray Davis who is being recalled by the voters due to his disastrous fiscal spending policies (a $38 billion deficit plaguing the state!) and his reckless intervention in the state's energy market (an intervention which resulted in the recent California Energy Crisis).

Professional Paranoid, Part II
by William Stone, III
Last week's column, "Professional Paranoid, garnered a fair amount of e-mail. The overwhelming majority was positive, due largely to the fact that the argument is unassailable from virtually any angle. I had one particularly enlightening e-mail conversation with a libertarian author whose work I've generally respected who objected to my broad statement that there are no terrorists

The Advent of Christian Feminism
by Wendy McElroy
Who is a feminist? The answer is about to expand to include Christian feminists. Zealots who patrol the ideological walls of established feminism will not welcome the new arrivals at their gate. Conservatives are not supposed to have a social conscience or to be politically fashionable. But let me extend a warm welcome to the growing ranks of Christian feminism. The larger movement desperately needs an infusion of fresh perspective and I look forward to honest debate over our points of disagreement.

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