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Number 239, September 21, 2003

Evil is as Evil Does

Letters to the Editor
From Our Readers
Letter from Lehr Duquesne.

Stars and Bars
by John Hoffman
Last weekend, a high-school football team forfeited a football game because they objected to the other team's use of the rebel flag as a team symbol. Objecting to its racist meaning, they decided not to play rather than allow the symbol to be displayed. "That has got to stop. We don't do that in today's age. We're beyond 1864."

Free Amina Lawal
by Todd Andrew Barnett
One of the crucial distinctions between conservatives and ideologically pure libertarians lies in the fact that, unlike conservatives, libertarians — religious and secular — do not call for the state regulation and incarceration of law-abiding individuals who engage in immoral and unethical conduct, particularly when said conduct does not infringe upon the peaceful affairs of other individuals. Libertarians may frown upon such immoral and unethical conduct and sometimes will attempt to persuade — in lieu of force — others to modify their behavior and to see the errors of their ways. They may not concur with it, but they will not employ the power of the state to mete out punishment to those who have not violated the rights of others.

Confronting Prison Rape
by Wendy McElroy
A bright light is about to be shone on an almost unseen social problem: prison rape. On September 4th, President Bush signed the Prison Rape Elimination Act, which provides for an annual Department of Justice review on the rate and effects of prison rape. Why should you care?.

Liberty, security, and safety
by E. J. Totty
Safety and security are just two terms that mean "convenience." But, neither safety nor security can be had without Liberty. It is convenient to say that safety or security can be had only at the expense of liberty, and this is so because those who accrue to themselves power which is not theirs, will demand that liberty is less important than what its effects may produce.

What Is Evil?
by William Stone, III
I'm always surprised that I have so few critics — or even people who have disagreements. This is probably a testament to the fact that most of my readership are Zero Aggression Principle devotees, and that they are by definition extremely intelligent. There are basically two kinds of critics: the kind who have a knee-jerk emotional reaction and are so angry that they can't string together a coherent sentence, and the kind who have a thoughtful disagreement. The people who write to me are uniformly of the latter kind.

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