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Number 240, September 28, 2003

Slim Pickens

Editorial Matters

Dang it, folks, we got mighty slim pickin's this issue. We can't publish a weekly magazine unless somebody gets off their ... er ... unless somebody writes articles and sends 'em to us. No, really, we can't!

So, if you have a hankerin' to be a writer then please consider this your invitation to, to, to write! For us.

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If you are a struggling author trying to break into the big time, why not first break into the little time by sending us an article? And please, don't limit yourself to politics. The less political articles here the better, if you ask me. Cultural commentary, trends, book reviews, movie reviews, heck, TV reviews!

Become famous! Make your family proud! Become a published author! Time's a wasting!

Ken Holder
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Republican Whores
by William Stone, III
In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, "There you go again." Of late, callers to talk shows run by Republican whores have been pointing out that Saddam Hussein did not, in fact, have ties to Al Qaeda—something President Bush repeately stated was the case. In a brazen attempt to rewrite established history, the Republican whores have begun to dare their callers to tell them when or where the Bush Administration ever said Saddam Hussein was linked to Al Qaeda.

Do Poor Fathers Deserve Debtors' Prison?
by Wendy McElroy
This Thursday, Sept. 25, 16 fathers (at last count) will begin a hunger strike to draw media attention to issues like the imprisonment of "deadbeat dads." The group, Hunger Strike for Justice, estimates the total number of fathers incarcerated in the U.S. for failure to pay child support is 250,000. This estimate seems high given that the entire prison population is somewhat over two million, but it is difficult to argue because no official statistics exist. A more useful question to ask, however, is: What does throwing a "deadbeat dad" in jail accomplish?

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