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Number 242, October 12, 2003

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Letter from Drew Williams

Letter from Scott Bieser

Letter from Glenn Patton

Letter from Manuel Miles, aka Kapt Kanada

Letter from Tamerlane The Terrible

Re: Libertarian Musings, by Russell D. Longcore

You had me 'til your penultimate sentence, where you blame Humanism, of all things, for the statist/socialist movement these days. Where the hell did that come from? Just because you believe that there is an invisible man in the sky who likes to spend his time judging the morality of every action and thought of everyone on earth doesn't make you a better libertarian. In fact you may want to rethink labelling yourself libertarian if you don't have room in your world view for agnostics, atheists and secular humanists. As someone who considers himself a libertarian, secular humanist and sometime UU "church" attendee I can speak from experience and say most of the Unitarians I've met would make far better better libertarians than most of the Christians I've met.

To me being a good libertarian boils down to tolerance. For example you may not like pornography, drug-use, homosexuals, guns, religious nuts, atheists, wealth, etc.. but being a good libertarian you would never want to restrict another persons rights to do/own/be any of these things, as long as is doesn't directly violate the ZAP. Of all the Humanists/atheists I've met they are some of the most tolerant people I've known and some of least tolerant people I've met are Christians. I don't suggest that Christians can't be good libertarians. Anyone can be a good libertarian. What I am arguing is that your statement that Humanism is the root cause of statism is 1) unfounded, and 2) in direct contradiction to my experience.

Drew Williams

BigHead Press
"Thoughtful Stories"
Main office:
PO Box 1853
Round Rock, TX 78680

October 1, 2003
Contact: Scott Bieser 909-907-7985


ROUND ROCK, Texas—Attorney General John Ashcroft will probably hate this book. John Walters, Director of National Drug Control Policy, almost certainly will hate this book.

BigHead Press is therefore pleased to announce the upcoming release of its first trade paperback book: A Drug War Carol, a full-color graphic novel detailing the long and sordid history of the politics behind America's "War on Drugs." The book will be available from on-line booksellers in November and should appear on comic-book store shelves by early December.

In this story, Scrooge McCzar (who looks sort of like a cross between John Walters and his predecessor, Gen. Barry McCaffrey), is running the Office of National Drug Control Policy. He is confronted at a press conference by Mary Jane Cratchet, a wheelchair-bound medical-marijuana user and activist , whom McCzar promptly arrests for possession of the banned weed.

Upon returning to his Alexandria town-home, McCzar is confronted first by the ghost of Harry Anslinger, the first "drug czar," and then by three more ghosts, who show McCzar—and readers—an eye-opening history of how and why the "War on Drugs" began and what it's doing to Americans.

The 80-page trade paperback contains 64 pages of art, plus an extensive notes and bibliography section directing readers to the wealth of information backing up the story.

"A Drug War Carol has already been available as an on-line 'web comic' since early January," Scott Bieser, production director for BigHead Press, noted. "We've been receiving a virtual avalanche of requests for a printed version. But due to the controversial nature of the story, and the fact that it's in full color, we had some difficulty finding a publisher. Fortunately, BigHead Press has picked up the flag and will get the physical book into reader's hands by this coming Christmas."

The story was written by Susan W. Wells, adapted to graphic novel format and drawn by Bieser, with assistance from Lloyd W. Meek and colors by "~3~." It is being printed cooperation with the Small Press Association and distributed to comic-book stores in the United States and Canada by Diamond Comics Distributors, Inc.

The on-line version of the story can be found at http://www.adrugwarcarol.com.

Scott Bieser
proprietor, LibertyArtworx.com
Professional Graphics and Personal Opinions
Buy stuff with my art on it!

Re: Disarray, by Todd Mahle

In regards to Todd Mahle's article—Shame on you Todd, for eating pasta! (insert long Atkin's diatribe against pasta here...). However, since you also have used tobacco, I guess that you can't be all bad.

Seriously, though, glad to see you, and read your article. Maybe someday, I'll be able to put my thoughts down in a coherent form and publish one. Then you can say that you inspired someone else to write!

Glenn Patton

avast there, ye lubbers!

Stand by to receive a broadside (or two) from Kaptain Kanada (around Monday, say, or Tues). Yes, it's The Return of Manuel Miles' hateful diatribes. Remember, you asked for it.

Manuel Miles, aka Kapt Kanada

[Yes we did, and we got the "diatribes" and will no doubt be publishing same soon. Or soon same. Or something.—The Imitation Mr. Ed]

Letter from Tamerlane

Dear Mr. Holder,

I am wondering why Wendy McElroy's articles are always placed at the end of the magazine?

Also, why have articles from Mr. Suprynowicz and Mr. Smith ceased appearing?

Just thought I'd ask.

Thank you,


[I have NO idea Why Ms McElroy's are nearly always placed as the last article. Really! Mr. Suprynowicz now puts his articles on a for-pay website. Mr. Smith ... well, you can read what Mr. Smith has to say in this very issue!—The Imitation Mr. Ed]


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