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Number 242, October 12, 2003

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Alan R. Weiss Endorses Michael Badnarik for President
by Alan R. Weiss

Special to TLE

Now that the best possible selection has decided to forgo the torture of a political campaign to focus on spreading liberty the best way he knows how to (L. Neil Smith, otherwise known as Alexander Hope to those who have read Hope), I would like to take this opportunity to endorse someone I believe has a vision for the united States of America worth supporting: Michael Badnarik of Austin, Texas for the Libertarian Party Candidate for President.

I have met Michael Badnarik on several occasions, have broke bread with him (actually, tasty Texas BBQ), and have had some long discussions with him. I believe his heart, I believe his motivations, and most importantly I believe that HE believes in what WE believe: LIBERTY is our birthright.

Michael is a fighter. When something is obviously wrong, violates common sense and liberty, he doesn't turn and run. He fights, a gentlemanly, learned fight to be sure, but with surety and conviction. He is not "practical" about it. He is not sidetracked by buy-outs. He stands his ground, and he fights. I may not always agree with the battlegrounds he picks, but I sure as hell can't argue that he isn't right about what is sticking in his craw. He's fighting for you and me, too.

Michael Badnarik's unvarnished, untarnished view of the Bill of Rights, and his insistance on ALL of those rights, without pussy- footing around and turning them into mush, is EXACTLY what the Libertarian Party needs - and exactly what America needs if it is to survive AND thrive in the 21st Century.

An excellent public speaker, he cuts a dashing figure in his ever- present three-piece suit, white shirt, and red silk tie made for the media, but what the media doesn't know - yet - is that Michael Badnarik will never muddy-up his message to pamper their prejudices. His clear defense of liberty rings true.

I hereby, heartily, endorse Michael Badnarik as the choice of the Libertarian Party, and with the grace of Divine Providence, the next President of the united States of America.

Alan R. Weiss
Austin, Texas

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