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Number 242, October 12, 2003

"Me, me, me, me ...." "And ME!"

Editorial Notes

Y'all continue to flood the palatial offices of TLE with all kinds of excellent articles, for which I, on behaf of our vast and hard-working staff, say: THANK YOU!.

Alas, what with this and that, not to mention lack of time to get them all ready for publication (I was actually lieing about the staff, it's just me and Pat here), many of those fine articles are not here in this here issue at this time. They will, of course, be here some other time. Maybe even next time!

And to all you fans complaining about the lack of articles by Our Publisher, Mr. L. Neil Smith, here are TWO articles. More to come? Up to him.

No article from Bill Stone this time, though. He's had a computer crash. Almost no TLE this time, since I had a computer crash myself. Fortunately I had a cardboard box full of various donated and hand-me-down parts, from which I managed to cobble together a "new" computer upon which I'm writing this right now. It was a close call, though!

Ken Holder
The Acting Mr. Ed.


Letters to Mr. Ed
by Our Readers
Letters from Drew Williams, Scott Bieser, Glenn Patton, Manuel Miles (aka Kapt Kanada), and Tamerlane The Terrible:

My Political Plans
by L. Neil Smith
I'll say it up front: I will no longer be available to anybody as a candidate for any political office. If you're interested in my reasons, by all means, read on -- I may hand you a surprise or two along the way. If not, you can stop here, and go do something you'd rather do.

No More @#$%^&*! Ping-Pong
by L. Neil Smith
Having withdrawn as a potential candidate for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination (or any other nomination, for that matter), the next logical step is to tell the world -- as much of it as I can reach -- who I think is the best remaining would-be nominee.

Alan R. Weiss Endorses Michael Badnarik for President
by Alan R. Weiss
Now that the best possible selection has decided to forgo the torture of a political campaign to focus on spreading liberty the best way he knows how to (L. Neil Smith, otherwise known as Alexander Hope to those who have read "Hope"), I would like to take this opportunity to endorse someone I believe has a vision for the united States of America worth supporting: Michael Badnarik of Austin, Texas for the Libertarian Party Candidate for President.

Where do we go from here?
by Thomas L. Knapp
It cannot have escaped your notice that L. Neil Smith has now formally withdrawn his offer to accept the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination, should we procure it for him.

Free State Decision Remorse
Lehr Duquesne
Who me? A sore loser? Shucks, I always try to be a good sport. I wanted to be wealthier and better looking than this, but I got what I got. So be it. I wanted to be working and living on the Moon by now, but was betrayed, I felt, by a nation and a government that lacked vision and courage. I wanted to live in a free country but was born in the United States instead, which is merely the next best thing. I wanted to move myself and my family and coax my friends to a Free State sometime in the next few years and... Well, we'll see.

Collective Western Guilt Burdens Today's Children
by Wendy McElroy
Some 650 Kenyan women claim to have been raped by British soldiers over a period of decades and they want a multi-million dollar settlement from the British Ministry of Defense. Are they victims who richly deserve justice? Or are skeptics correct in labeling their case "the Kenya rape shakedown"?

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