L. Neil Smith's
Number 243, October 19, 2003

"Walk Through the Fire"

The Kaptain's Log
by Kapt Kanada, aka Manuel Miles

Exclusive to TLE

Much Ado About Something

It is now what passes for autumn here in the frozen wastelands of Canada, and the signs of it are everywhere; the leaves have fallen from the trees, and the air temperature has begun its annual descent into the deep freeze. Likewise, the politicians have fallen from grace with the masses, and their brainless rhetoric is plunging ever farther into the depths of The Abyss of Mindless Platitudes. A case in point: the deaths of two Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

Last week, a couple of our occupation troops were killed in Kabul when their "Iltis jeep" hit (what was most likely, according to reports) an artillery shell which had been converted to a land mine. The local war party, in trouble with a Canadian populace which lacks enthusiasm for this latest US imperial adventure, are loudly weeping crocodile tears. They hope to whip up enough emotional hysteria that their planned increase in the "defence" [sic] budget can be stampeded through a compliant Parliament without the bother of token opposition or the embarrassment of a possible debate of the issue.

Between heart-rending sobs, the warmongers are claiming that the two "peacekeepers" [sic] would not have died had they been driving an American Humvee, despite the fact that those have been regularly torched by mere RPG-7s in Iraq. That there are few, if any, vehicles that can withstand a direct, pointblank hit from an artillery shell, especially from the underside (you have to put the gas tank somewhere, after all) doesn't even get mentioned in the haste to profit from these unnecessary deaths in this stupid, evil imperial adventure.

Instead, the local war puppies, ever loyal to their Yankee masters of war, are crying that More Money (surprise, surprise), with which to buy war toys from the aforementioned American war profiteers (surprise, surprise), would have prevented this disaster! The statist "solution" is, as always, to extort good money from the proles to throw after the bad already confiscated by The Omniscient State.

They will most likely succeed in coercing their Parliamentary puppets to rob us further, but the campaign to convince the average Joe and Jean-Guy in the street of the necessity of this highway robbery will likely not. Truth is perhaps the first casualty of war, but the lies are always the final ones.

If only the liars could be substituted for the soldier and civilian casualties...

Peace and Liberty.


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