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"Americans Will Always Fight for LIBERTY ... or CONTROL. Whateverrr...."
by Kent Van Cleave
from his "Welcome to Homeland Security" site:

Number 243, October 19, 2003

"Walk Through the Fire"

Letters to Mr. Ed
by Our Readers
Letters from Bruce Sommer, Lehr Duquesne, John Hoffman, and Kent McManigal:

Where Do We Go From Here?
by L. Neil Smith
The October, 2003 issue of Discover contains one of the saddest letters I've ever read. Gil Bell, of Duluth, Georgia, writes " ... one would have to conclude that travel out of our solar system is impossible. The fusion, fission, and antimatter engines require too much fuel ... The laser sail is doomed by the fact that building a 6,600-mile-wide collecting mirror is simply not feasible, and ... a 600-mile-wide sail would be torn apart by cosmic debris on a daily basis. And why build a fusion ramjet when there's no fuel in space to run it, and its design would not allow it to attain the speed it needs?

We Are Saved
by Todd Mahle
Despite my best efforts I cannot claim credit for the saving of the world. Although I had come up with a unifying plan that was destined to bring nations together and end turmoil and angst forever I have been beaten to the punch. Although I have a solution to every problem discussed by mankind It is obvious I am no longer needed. Having been so close to implementing my plan to bring peace and freedom to the masses I now discover a more successful idea has proven superior. Much to my dismay everything I have come to believe deeply during my journey towards understanding is fallacy. What is it that has changed my deepest beliefs?

Our Kind of Town
by Alan R. Weiss
Dear Lovers of Liberty Everywhere, In thinking about what sorts of people, activities, and individuality we might find in, say, a liberty-minded small town where Free State Project (or a western version of it) has come to be dominant politically, we should consider embracing the following:

Judgment Day
by William Stone, III
In public, the Republicans talking heads are jumping for joy this week following the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the Governorship of California.

The Art of (Culture) War, Part 1 (of 2)
by Chris Claypoole
Most of you have at least heard of the famous book, The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, of which many translations and commentaries are available. Many of you have seen the advice from this ancient military wisdom applied to modern situations, from actual war to business and economic competition. Let's take a look at how it can inform our quest to create a libertarian society.

DMCA98: The State's New Favorite Weapon of Mass Democracy
by Murray Scott
One of the latest Weapons of Mass Democracy for budding tyrants today is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. With it, the State and its lifeless drones can hold individual rights and free-markets hostage.

The Kaptain's Log
by Kapt Kanada, aka Manuel Miles
It is now what passes for autumn here in the frozen wastelands of Canada, and the signs of it are everywhere; the leaves have fallen from the trees, and the air temperature has begun its annual descent into the deep freeze. Likewise, the politicians have fallen from grace with the masses, and their brainless rhetoric is plunging ever farther into the depths of The Abyss of Mindless Platitudes. A case in point: the deaths of two Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan.

Petty Bickering
by William Stone, III
With the rise of the Neocons, American political discourse has become fantastically boring.

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