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Number 244, October 26, 2003

"We're throwing away the future"

Open Source Music
Sub title—"Let's Sing Them To Freedom"

by Doug Heard

Exclusive to TLE

This is my version of "think globally act locally".

I can't change the world. I've been working for individual freedom for 40 yrs or so. And it must be that I'm doing the wrong things because things are worse now than 40yrs ago.

I believe that the recording industry as we know it is dead, killed by technology, just as they killed the live music industry with quality recordings. Is it better (for music in general) to have 1000 musicians making a million dollars or a million musicians making a $1000?

The Mp3 download wars are no different than the buggy whip industry attacking the auto industry for putting them out of business.

So I have invented something I call "Open Source Music" as a parallel to "open source software". Any music I write from now on will be "Open Source Music". I'm starting it off here with a little libertarian song. (We can't beat the collectivist politically so maybe we can sing them to freedom). Song is called "Tom Paine Rag". Mostly just guitar music with headlines from the news and the tag line "Tom wouldn't like it that way".

By the way I would like a verse about gun laws but haven't come up with a good one yet.

Go to the following link (then follow links to "Tom Paine Rag" and feel free to use any thing I've written anyway you like, as long as you don't claim to have written it.

Tom Paine Rag—Copyright © 2003 S. Douglas Heard

Open Source Music—

  • There are no restrictions on the use of this music other than that you don't claim you wrote it.
  • Feel free to modify it, write some more verses.
  • Feel free to perform it with out paying me for the privilege.
  • Feel free to record it make a million dollars and don't give me a cent. I'll be better off than if you hadn't have recorded it.

Important note on quality of the recordings.
All recordings were made under primitive conditions. From line out on my PA to computer through too much cable, and too many connectors (lots of line noise).
Recorded as a single track with free version of Goldweave. Post recording effects, noise reduction, and volume maximizing. PA Kuston4 80watts, guitar Martin 00-15, K&K pickup direct to PA.

What is provided.
     Three different Mp3 files (which may change as better ones are available.)
        Instrumental version
            Two verses with tag line
        Standard gig version
           Talking intro with two vocal verses
              Full version
            Standard gig version, plus Open Source Music outro

   Copy of my gig book notes (the music I play from) both in HTML and MSWord.

What is not provided. * (mercenary note—I could figure it out if you want to pay me)
    Staffed sheet music

Doug Heard is a part time computer instructor (computers for old farts), part time musician, part time gunsmith, and part time web site designer. Has in the past taught HS sciences, trained birddogs, driven cabs, sold wholesale veterinary pharmaceuticals, and fought a war as a US Marine. doug@stone-soup.com

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