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"Still Digging"
by Russmo

Number 244, October 26, 2003

"We're throwing away the future"

Letters to Mr. Ed
by Our Readers
Letters from Steve Seech and Brian Korner (Fox News):

The Cresting of a Culture
by Roberta J. Barmore
I fear I just saw humanity throw away the stars. Alone in Dallas for a week, making use of modern medical technology to produce a huge improvement in my life, I woke up in the middle of the night, too muzzy to read, and turned on the ijit box.

The Kaptainís Log: Bob Wallace Is Wrong!
by Kapt Kanada, aka Manuel Miles
Now, thereís something you don't see me write every day. Bob is an anti-imperialist fighter for peace, a Libertarian super-hero who fears naught but the Cheese Monster, and a real mensch. Consequently, I rarely disagree with him; however... on the topic of the subject of the existence of good and evil people he is wrong.

Open Source Music
Sub title—"Letís Sing Them To Freedom"
by Doug Heard
This is my version of "think globally act locally". I can't change the world. I've been working for individual freedom for 40 yrs or so. And it must be that I'm doing the wrong things because things are worse now than 40yrs ago.

Killing the Good Samaritan
by Wendy McElroy
The pricetag for decades of gender warfare is usually expressed in general terms -- for example, through data-filled studies that reflect how "boys" are slighted in education. The ordeal of Michael Wright—a student at Oklahoma University (OU) at Norman—captures the human factor. And it leads me to a question: What does the devil look like?

The Art of (Culture) War
Part 2 (of 2)
by Chris Claypoole
My conclusions are that our commitment to the ZAP, a philosophy that is moral and logically consistent, and the patience that usually goes with that morality, gives us an advantage in the long haul against an opponent that needs to think in terms of two-year election cycles. Statists need to continuously inflame the public with crises to feed their electoral Ponzi scheme with more money and power. Eventually, this will result in unbearable taxation and/or degraded economic conditions. At that time, either the government will break down, or it will be vulnerable to measures to cause that result. Our great hope is that enough people will have been exposed to, and accepted, libertarian ideas in the interim that a society based on little or no government will not only seem possible, but desirable. Until that time, military attacks, even of a guerilla warfare nature, will prove futile. (Again, this is my opinion. YMMV)

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