L. Neil Smith's
Number 245, November 2, 2003

Daniel Conan Weiner, R.I.P.

The Kaptain's Log: Harass Thine Enemy
by Kapt Kanada, aka Manuel Miles

Exclusive to TLE

In the War On State Terrorism, we Libertarians must employ guerrilla tactics. Only in this way can we win against the Leviathan of the New World Order. As the current stage of the struggle is that of Winning Hearts and Minds, our tactics must serve the strategy of showing our fellow tax-serfs that The State is lying to us.

How to do this? It's not hard, really; expose the lies. How to know when The State's politicians and media hacks are lying? Easier still; their lips are moving. The important thing is to call them to account constantly and consistently. There must and can be no "statute of limitations" on imperial crimes. Allow me to demonstrate...

The Nato War Against Yugoslavia was waged as a "humanitarian intervention". The war puppies used their mass media servants to bombard us with hysterical agitprop about "Serb atrocities!" and "genocide!" and "mass graves!" as they methodically destroyed every school, hospital, factory, television station and bridge in Serbia. The origin of their lies of "100,000 ethnic Albanians buried in mass graves" et cetera, was the KLA drug-and-prostitution gang's propaganda machine.

Some fool US Army general even appeared on television, stood in front of a satellite photo of a farmer's spring ploughing, and ranted about how this was one of the "mass graves" and that, "We know exactly where this is, and when we go in on the ground we're going to show it to the world and prove that we were right, blah blah blah." We're still waiting, Herr General...

Four and a half years later, after 60 forensics teams from various nations have failed to find any mass graves (except several which were filled with Serb civilians who were massacred by the noble KLA "freedom fighters"), the war party is no longer interested in discussing any of this and General Bullsnort is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, back in The Hague... testimony from the kangaroo court "trial" of Milosevic is not even on page 45 of section C of your local lying rag.

The occupiers of Kosovo Province and Bosnia and Afghanistan and Iraq et cetera now want us to "move on". It is, apparently, no more "productive" to ask where the legions of slaughtered Albanian innocents are to be found than it is to ask who now owns the fabulous wealth of Kosovo's mines (an Anglo-American "consortium" has them, surprise, surprise), or where the WMDs of Iraq are hidden, for that matter. (Your humble Kaptain already located these latter in a previous article — they are buried in the "mass graves" of Kosovo. Old Milosevic was working with Saddam all this time!)

The Empire will always have another war to which to "move on", so it is not only our duty but a vital tactic to expose their lies without either mercy or relief until the entire imperial system collapses under the weight of its accumulated prevarications and we, the citizens of the world, can finally enjoy the blessings of...

Peace and Liberty.


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