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"Daniel Conan Weiner, In Memoriam"

by Scott Bieser
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Number 245, November 2, 2003

Daniel Conan Weiner, R.I.P.

Letters to Mr. Ed
by Our Readers
Letters from Dan Weiner, Harlan Bennett, Alan R. Weiss, Stephen Carville, Michael Kielsky, and Scott Bieser:

Warp Speed
by William Stone, III
Daniel Conan Weiner, longtime political activist and lately the editor of the Libertarian Webzine "The Libertarian Enterprise", died Wednesday morning, October 29, 2003 after a long battle with cancer.

The New Space Race
by Patrick K Martin
So, it's finally happening, someone else is going into space, about damn time too. I was two years old when the first man set foot on the moon, and I was six when the last one did. I'm now thirty-seven, and I've waited all these years to see somebody, anybody, build a real space program. In 1973 America slashed budgets, crippled programs and shelved new technologies which would have taken our people to the moon, Mars and beyond. Our exploration and exploitation of space were replaced with a combination of showpiece displays like Voyager and Viking, and the dismal space-shuttle which was never meant to be the low-cost hi-volume vehicle needed to power a real program.

Jettison the "Commercial Space Act" (HR 3245)
by Lehr Duquesne
A coalition of wonk farms and aerospace corporadoes is leaning on the Congress to pass the Commercial Space Act of 2003 (HR 3245). Introduced into the House by Representatives Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Ralph Hall (D-TX) and Bart Gordon (D-TN), this bill will further muddle an already over-regulated and uncertain suborbital space flight industry.

No News is Better than "The News"
by Caleb Paul
Having spent the better part of the past half a year in countries where I don't speak the language(s), I really don't have much of an idea about what's going on in the world at large. Oddly enough, I can understand some of the stuff here in Bulgaria, since it's quite similar to Russian (which I know a bit of), so I get a laugh out of seeing election posters with slogans like "working for you" (which I'd like to change to "stealing from you"), but that's about where it ends for me.

Funny Money
by Roberta J. Barmore
After successfully avoiding the over-hyped "new twenty" for two weeks, time ran out on me Sunday, and a pair of them have since made some sort of nest in my purse.

The Kaptain's Log: Harass Thine Enemy
by Manuel Miles, aka Kapt Kanada
In the War On State Terrorism, we Libertarians must employ guerrilla tactics. Only in this way can we win against the Leviathan of the New World Order. As the current stage of the struggle is that of Winning Hearts and Minds, our tactics must serve the strategy of showing our fellow tax-serfs that The State is lying to us.

Kobe Case Puts Victims' Rights on Trial
by Wendy McElroy
When Kobe Bryant goes to court on rape charges, he will not stand trial alone. Society's view of "victims' rights" will also be under scrutiny. A growing belief that false accusations of sexual assault have become commonplace has prompted a demand for fairer treatment of those accused, especially from the media. Critics of the media coverage seem particularly bitter about the standard policy of extending anonymity to accusers but not to the accused. They believe the double standard stigmatizes the accused, who should be presumed innocent, and encourages false accusations.

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