"Wrong Way" Corrigan and the Right Way to Live

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Number 246, November 9, 2003

Wrong Way, Right Way

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Editor's Note (added Tuesday November 11, 1:40 AM MST)

Dan Weiner Memorial Shoot and Wake

DATE: Saturday, November 15th, Shoot at 3PM

American Shooting Centers
16500 Westheimer Parkway
(281) 556-8199

SHOOT LOCATION: American Shooting Centers
16500 Westheimer Parkway

Driving Directions from Downtown Houston
Drive WEST on Westheimer.
Proceed 2 blocks past Hwy 6 to next traffic light.
Turn RIGHT onto Westheimer Parkway.
You will be entering George Bush Park.
Pass over the dam.
Continue 1.5 miles further.
American Shooting Centers is on the RIGHT.

WAKE LOCATION: 7826 Marinette Drive

From American Shooters Range, take Bellaire Blvd. east to Highway 59 south. Turn right on the 59 south frontage road. Go down to Fondren, which is the next intersection and turn left. Continue down Fondren to the stop light at Sharpview, go through the stop light and turn left at the next intersection, which is Sharpcrest. Go down 1/2 block to Marinette Drive and turn right. Follow the pink balloons to 7826 Marinette Drive.

If you get lost, our telephone number is 713-272-8265.

Please come to both the shoot and the wake. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES will be provided; however, there will be soft drinks and water as well as barbeque. If you want to drink, please bring your own -- and be prepared to surrender your car keys and spend the night if you get drunk. Marti and I WILL NOT allow a friend of ours -- OR Dan's -- to get drunk and drive.

Harlan Bennett

Letters to the Editor
by Our Readers
Letters from David Codrea via Michael McKibbin, Scott Bieser, and Lehr Duquesne:

The Kaptain's Log:
"Wrong Way" Corrigan and the Right Way to Live

by Manuel Miles, aka Kapt Kanada
When I was a kid, I noticed that my parents' generation had a phrase which they used when they took a wrong turn or made many another little mistake; it was, "Wrong way, Corrigan!" I adopted this myself, and can be overheard to mumble this phrase upon occasion, such as when I turned the wrong way into a one-way street a couple of years ago.

HR3245: A positive step in an imperfect world
by Thomas Andrew Olson
While I agree in principle with Lehr Duquesne's assessment of HR3245 [in the last issue], the "Commercial Space Act of 2003", I still support the bill, and would humbly suggest that the larger picture is being overlooked. This article is an attempt to explain that picture.

The Rake Tax
by Jim Duensing
Taxation is theft. Some entity which has not earned something takes it by force from its rightful owner. Because of this basic truth, I've tended to stay out of movements which seek to improve the system of legalized theft. But, occasionally someone would ask me whether I preferred a flat tax or a national sales tax—the two most popular forms of taxation amongst those in the liberty movement.

The Republican Mushroom Cloud of Smoke and Mirrors
by Todd Andrew Barnett
In recent weeks the Bush administration and its minions had backpedaled carefully and subtly on several of their most egregiously allusive assertions which greenlighted the war in Iraq. Because of their recent public admissions, one can easily surmise that the president and his cronies had accorded themselves the most brilliantly displayed record of snowing the American people into accepting and believing their lies, deceptions, exaggerations, falsehoods, and chicaneries—all of which were artfully devised to plant the impression that Hussein had engineered 9/11. Let's not kid ourselves here—aside from the fact that Bill Clinton had engaged in a foolhardy sexual dalliance with a White House intern, he, compared to President George W. Bush, ranks as an amateur.

The Campaign Finance Absurdity
by Anthony Gregory
The most ironic thing about the campaign finance reform advocates is that they presuppose the very same fact about government that their opponents do—namely, that government is corrupt.

Pro-Lifers Link Euthanasia to Abortion
by Wendy McElroy
The heartbreaking story of Terri Schiavo, the severely brain-damaged Florida woman who has been kept alive for more than a decade by a feeding tube her husband claims she would want removed, has captured the media's attention.

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