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Number 247, November 16, 2003

You Couldn't Pay Me Enough

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Letter from Nydra Karlen

Letter from Free West Net

Honest Security

A young college man is in big trouble. He smuggled some box cutters onto two planes using different airports and clearly instructing the federal government of their location. Of course, as a Libertarian, I believe the crime to be the act of hijacking, not the act of carrying on a weapon. ABC News smuggled some nuclear materials into one of our West Coast ports. At first, the idea of prosecuting them was kicked around, too. More recently, on Halloween, a toy pistol (part of a costume) made it into a federal office building in DC. The building was emptied and people treated to a SWAT team swarming the building.

But this act of defiance, the ABC test and the dumb Halloween news story started me thinking. If federal screeners actually wanted improved security, I have an idea for them.

Post a challenge at the door of any "secure perimeter":


Smuggle in any contraband weapon, and collect $10,000.

Drop your weapon into the clearly marked secure lockbox behind security and press the red button.

Your $10,000 cashier’s check will be brought to you directly after examination of the weapon and after you demonstrate "how" you did it.

In other words, test our security. Make my day!

What doesn’t have to be posted near the security gate is the consequences for the screeners. Let in a weapon and you are all immediately replaced. Your pension is used to pay the $10,000 prize, as well.

The weapon is not the problem ... just like the 2nd Amendment guarantees. But if we are going to pretend that weapons are the problem, lets at least make the buggers work for their pay.

Nydra Karlen
State Chair of Libertarian Party of Nebraska

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