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Number 248, November 23, 2003

The Elvis of Science Fiction

The Murder of a President;
and the death of a constitution

by Patrick K Martin

Exclusive to TLE

As we approach the anniversary of the assassination of John F Kennedy, and subsequently suffer the deluge of documentaries and retrospectives which always accompany such a date. I am struck, not so much by the facts of the crime in question, but rather the public response to it and the subsequent cover-up. Now, for myself, I donít remember that day in Dallas, mostly because I wasnít alive at the time (having been born almost three years later), but like all Americans of my generation and later, I have spent a lifetime seeing it in film, reading about it in books, and hearing the endless stories that old people (well, old-er people anyway) tell of "The Day Kennedy was Shot".

The basic facts of the case are simple, on November 22, 1963, John F Kennedy 35th president of the united States of America was shot dead in Dallas Texas. The presidentís death was the result of a lone assassin until 1979 when the House Committee on Assassinations determined that the death was the work of a conspiracy of persons unknown. One 6.5mm Mannlicher-Carcano rifle, fitted with a 4x optical sight, fired all three bullets used in the shooting, including the "Magic-bullet" that made three 90degree turns (and stopped at least twice in flight to meet the time-line) while inflicting seven wounds on the president and Texas governor John Connally, finally coming to rest on a stretcher in Parkland Hospital, at least according to the Warren commission report (I donít remember if officialdom changed their mind on that one later). Lee Oswald, the reputed assassin, was seen six floors below the window where the fatal shot was reportedly fired about two minutes afterwards, calmly drinking a Coke-a-Cola, having ditched the rifle on the opposite side of the room from the window used to shoot from . . .

The list is endless, evidence was ignored, proper police procedure was neglected at all levels, forensic evidence was either never gathered, lost, stolen, corrupted, or dismissed. Add to that the seeming propensity of witnesses to drop dead of heart attacks, one vehicle crashes, and other less than common causes. All the evidence is sealed, except for the stuff like JFKís brain which was lost/stolen from the national archives in 1965\66, or destroyed like the bloodstains in the limo which were washed away by the Secret Service while they waited outside Parkland Hospital. Even the eyewitnesses, the people who saw the shooting, the doctors who attempted to save the president, the people who put the body in the coffin, the people who unloaded it at Walter Reed Hospital and assisted with the autopsy, all agree that the governmentsí story (or at least significant parts thereof) is bullshit and most Americans agree.

So what have we done about it? Nothing. Oh sure, people bitch and write books and call for the government to release the information it has and conduct a full and complete investigation. Investigate who? Why the people involved with the assassination of course, the Cubans, or maybe the Mafia, or was it the CIA, or LBJ and his clique of right-wing oil barons, or whoever is the villain-de jour this month (my money is on LBJ and the barons). Or how about the people who covered it all up, you know, the people who have been lying to us about the whole mess. People like Lyndon Johnson, J Edger Hoover, Gerald Ford, Allan Dulles, sure they are all dead now but we can still dig up the dirt right? Iím sure that people like Senator Arlan Spector (inventor of the ĎMagic-Bulletí theory) will be happy to admit that the Warren commission was actively involved in a criminal conspiracy to cover up the facts of the murder of an American President. Hey, I bet Edward Kennedy will be happy to stand up and demand that the facts come out, heís probably just waited thirty years because it might bring up bad memories (this is probably the reason he said nothing about the cover-up of his brother Robert Kennedyís murder too), Iím sure he is over all that by now.

Well, I could go on trying to be funny about it, but I wonít. The fact of the matter is that we, the American people have been lied too for forty years, and we all know it. It doesnít matter who pulled that trigger or triggers in Dallas, because the important part is that members of the US government and itís agents and agencies have participated in a conspiracy to cover it up. The FBI, the CIA, the US Military, or at least the higher ups in these organizations at the time, helped to carry out a coup in this country, and we all know it. The downfall of our constitution happened on the day that the president died. The welfare/warfare state created by LBJ and the others who assisted in this crime persists to this day and drags us all ever closer to total slavery, and America knows it.

For forty years we have been dragged through Vietnam, the war on (some) drugs, radical environmentalism, the oil crises, welfare, inflation, the loss of our constitutional rights at all levels and we have done nothing. We have not rioted, we have not risen up, we have not hanged any congress-critters, refused to pay taxes, refused to sit on juries, refused to keep feeding the juggernaut that is grinding away the ideals that are America. Oh sure, a few people have acted, and too many of us applauded as these malcontents were dealt with by the minions of law-enforcement. Most of us however have sat on our butts, whining about the injustice of it all as we watch our money being stolen from us, our kids indoctrinated and our rights ignored. Why, because we all know that no matter how much we believe in the power of the individual, no matter how dedicated we are to freedom, we also know that raw physical force is one thing that is cumulative and itís on their side, not ours.

So we sit, and we cry, and we curse the cowards that have stolen our land and we hope that one day the world will change because we wish it. I just wish I had the guts to change it myself, but I doubt it.


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