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Number 248, November 23, 2003

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Homosexual Marriage
by Jim Duensing

Special to TLE

Homosexuals have been lobbying state and federal governments—not to mention bigoted members of the public—in an effort to have lifelong unions between two homosexual partners granted the same legal status as those unions between two lifelong heterosexual partners.

These efforts are becoming increasingly successful. But, these victories should not be celebrated. Those who promote expanding the legal definition of marriage to include homosexual unions are entering into a Faustian bargain.

The devil is not in normalizing homosexuality or in corrupting the sanctity of marriage. Everyone, including homosexuals, has the right to associate with whomever they want. This right includes the right to enter into lifelong partnerships for any purpose the parties desire.

The insidious evil in "legalizing" homosexual marriages is that it expands and further entrenches the government's monopoly on defining the most intimate of human relationships. It gives the pro-government extremist control freaks more tools to manipulate peaceful human interaction.

Currently, two heterosexual individuals are not allowed to define the nature of their union. For instance, sections of a prenuptial agreement can be invalidated by a state sponsored court if the court finds that the clause is contrary to the state's interest in upholding the sanctity of marriage. So, even if two parties freely and knowingly enter into an agreement, the state can and does invalidate it if the court finds the provision contrary to its wishes—which it calls public policy.

Why should the pro-government extremist control freaks have any say in how you and your mate or mates relate to each other? Shouldn't your right to define the nature of your relationships remain inviolate? Shouldn't you be allowed to engage in any peaceful private behavior even if it conflicts with the state's "public policy"?

It is understandable why the homosexual lobby desires to get the same legal status associated with their unions as heterosexuals have had. The pro-government extremist control freaks currently provide certain tax and inheritance benefits only to those people who have purchased a marriage license from the government. Many other, about 1400, legal benefits are granted to heterosexual married couples that are not granted to homosexual life partners.

This discrimination is evil. It should be remedied. But, the remedy is not for homosexuals to beg the government to confiscate their right to determine the nature of their most intimate relationship. The remedy is to remove those special benefits which the pro-government extremist control freaks have conferred on married couples.

If homosexuals myopically pursue temporary marital benefits, the result will be that homosexual relationships will be controlled by the government. Bigoted control freaks everywhere will love that.

Instead, everyone should work for equal rights for all. It is time to end the "special benefits" conferred on married couples.

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