L. Neil Smith's
Number 250, December 7, 2003

Remember Pearl Harbor

Marriage and Survival
by Ron Beatty

Exclusive to TLE

In one of my earlier articles, I said that group or corporate marriage may be the only way for us (individualistic or Libertarian people) to survive.

Why did I say this?

In today's economic climate, it is virtually impossible for a working class family to do more than exist, when the government, either directly, indirectly, or as a result of costs incurred, takes 75 to 85 percent of our income. The only way for such a family to live comfortably, is to have two incomes (at a minimum). One solution is for two or more families to join together to reduce costs, while increasing income to the level at which it becomes possible to afford luxuries.

Given the growing herdlike mentality of most of the American public, with daily outcries against guns, individualistic behaviour, and even more sheeplike cries that government will do all for us, it is ever more likely that we will become the objects of hate and fear, and thus, of moblike action, just as gays, Islamics, pagans, etc, are. When joined together, we have a better chance to resist these incursions.

It is obvious, to me, at least, that the social tensions which exist in our society, as evidenced in factionalism, an increased awareness that all is not well, and even in government abuses, such as Waco, Ruby Ridge, the BATmen, and other federal groups, not to mention the common discourtesy of civil servants who act like masters, are leading to a major societal explosion. When (or if) this explosion occurs, we have a better chance of surviving relatively intact if we are joined together.

On a personal, moral, psychological level, a group or corporate marriage offers several advantages, advantages which our patriarchal, paternalistic religions and governments have worked to suppress, ignore, or vilify. Men, as a rule, are driven to 'cast their seed' far and wide, a biological imperative which no church or government will recognize exists. Women, on the other hand, are generally more concerned with having their physical needs met, to the point that their children are well taken care of, and that food is in the house, and the family will survive. (I do NOT say this to denigrate women, as I feel that women are superior to men, in most respects except for brute strength).

A group or corporate marriage addresses both these needs. It provides both men and women with more than one 'approved' sexual partner. It provides more than one breadwinner to provide for the family's needs. And, in times of war, riot, or natural disaster, it provides more fighting power to the family to enable it to survive. Also, if a disaster should occur, the children of the family are more likely to grow up healthy and happy, as long as one 'father' and one 'mother' survive to provide the basic male/female role models and love that a child needs.

If group or corporate marriage is so good, you ask, why isn't it more common? Very good question, but one you won't like the answer to.

The answer to that lies in organized religion and government interference. With the rise of the patriarchal religions, especially Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and the gradual infiltration of those religions into the State, insecure men, who hated and feared women, and who wanted 'their' bloodline to rise to power and control, persecuted and destroyed the more sexually liberal matriarchal religions.

I am not going to go on more, right now, but I plan at least one more article in this series, detailing how the state and the church, all the while decrying the decay of 'family values', are actually the ones destroying them.

Is group or corporate marriage for everyone? NO, most emphatically not. However it IS a viable and sound prospect for those who are emotionally and mentally secure enough to be able to love more than one person, and to not succumb to the brainwashing which has been done by organized religion and the state for centuries.


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