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Lux and Firefly Pals
Lux Lucre (a.k.a. "Kerry Pearson", center) with his pals
Adam "Not One Of the Baldwin Brothers" Baldwin and
Alan Tudyk of the late, lamented Firefly TV series
(soon to be a major motion picture?).

Number 254, January 11, 2004

Lux Lucre, R.I.P.

Alan R. Weiss writes:

Kerry Pearson, the man we know as Lux Lucre, is dead. His death is somehow related to diabetes, or so indicates the Firefly messages boards which are alight with the news of his passing.




Lux was viewed as a "hottie" by more than one person:


I have uploaded (2) files of Kerry/Lux in the PICTURES section of this smith2004-discuss Yahoo group. The first [above] is Kerry in the middle of a Firefly sandwich. To his right is Adam Baldwin, who played Jayne Cobb on Firefly. To his left is Alan Tudyk, who played Wash Warren, the pilot of the ship Serenity. This is how I remember Kerry ... smiling, doing what he wanted with his life, deeply involved with creative people. Lux was very active in the Firefly community, as you can see, and he was a personal friend of Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk, two of the actors on Firefly. He was a creative force behind the creation of a Browncoats Handbook. I have uploaded a copy to the FILES section of this website, the Alpha version, which is the last one posted to his website http://www.luxlucre.com in honor of the creative spirit that was Kerry Pearson.

I met Kerry when I visited Vancouver, in his beloved British Columbia, last summer. He met me at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Vancouver, and I took an immediately liking to this bright, quiet, yet funny and politeful young man. He was kind enough to show me around the city he loved, and he took me to some of the more interesting sights—including the B.C. Marijuana Party Headquarters, also home of Pot-TV. He was proud that he helped lead the effort to get the B.C. Marijuana Party to adopt L. Neil Smith's "Atlanta Declaration", and he stressed to me the idea that this party WAS essentially a very libertarian party, adopting pro-Right to Keep and Bear Arms and pro-free market positions. We visited some other places, too some more pictures (I'll post those as soon as I can find them), and had a wonderful, albeit brief time together.

Kerry, who went by the name Lux Lucre online, was the creator of numerous Macromedia Flash movies, including one on The Atlanta Declaration, one on the Zero Aggression Principle, and the hilarious "Girls are Evil" (he, of course, was kidding). His talent as Flash animation for explaining, clearly and simply, the concepts of liberty was unmatched. He was a huge fan of L. Neil Smith, writing often of Neil's talent and ideas -- which he shared.

I shall miss my dear friend, Kerry Pearson, known to us as the principled, talented Lux Lucre. Farewell, Lux! May Serenity guide you throughout your journey through the cosmos, the Zero Aggression Principle be your guide, and your talent shared with all.

Alan R. Weiss
Austin, Texas, North American Confederacy


Lux/Kerry is gone, and we're still here. Feeling empty. Crap.

Lux contributed a number of his excellent graphics and animations to grace the "covers" of TLE over the years, and we were much the better for it.

I don't know about you, but I'm too bumbed out to do up TLE for this week. We will return next week ... unless somebody else vital up and dies on us. Y'all all be careful. Please.

Ken "Mr. Ed" Holder

Another Obituary:


Another tribute, using Lux's popular "Firefly/South Park" pictures (which Joss Whedon printed out and posted all over the Firefly set):

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Farewell Lux
Characters drawn by Lux, assembled as a farewell tribute by eforhan of the Prospero Firefly Forum http://forums.prospero.com/foxfirefly/ Used by permission of eforhan.

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