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Number 255, January 18, 2004

"Life Goes On ...."

U.S out of Iraq NOW
by Jay P. Hailey

Exclusive to TLE

My Opinion is that U.S. forces should pack up and skedaddle out of Iraq as soon as humanly possible. Reasons we are there to begin with—

  • WMD's— There are none there. Get over it. this was a lie and will stay a lie.

  • The War on Terrorism— I have news for you. Al Qeda, Islamic Jihad and Whack-Jobs International didn't know where the fuck Iraq WAS until the followed the sounds of explosions, gun fire and screams that the U.S thoughtfully provided.

  • Democratization of Iraq— Oh yeah, that's going to work! Democracy is where the people say what they want, and the elected officials try to provide it, within the limits of their powers.

    If you listen to the Iraqi People, they want several things very loudly, The U.S. to leave, and then they want to set up their own notions of a government, the Kurds want Kurdistan, the Shiite Muslims in the south want an Ayatolla-ocracy and the Sunni Muslims squeezed between them want to dominate the whole region with another creepy strong man dictatorship. But they're all unified on one point. They want us the hell out of there.

  • Establishing Civil government and order in the Middle East— Human beings are difficult to control, and ethically, morally controlling them isn't something you need to be doing to begin with.

  • Defending the U.S. From Imminent attack— Don't make me laugh. Iraq posed zero threat to the U.S. None. And no one in the area was very worried. if they'd wanted to Iran could have slapped Iraq around and made it their bitch. And Turkey could have knocked over Iraq with a hard look. They never even went on Military alert until we went in there. What does this tell you?

    Iraq was a brutal dictatorship and deserved to be crushed— Okay, so why are Kim Chon-Il, Robert Mugabe, Islom Karimov, and the Butchers of Tien An Men Square still sucking air?

  • National greatness— If you even stopped to seriously consider this one, you should be ashamed of yourself. Attacking countries that posed no threat in order to establish national Greatness is something Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin did. That this should be a seriously raised argument for the United States to do something should make you sick.

Why The U.S. really went, in my humble opinion—

  • Control of Oil— Iraq has the worlds second largest proven oil reserves, and all the infrastructure for drilling it and shipping it out.

  • Control of the Persian Gulf— With Air bases and Naval bases available in Iraq and Kuwait, the U.S. Military controls who moves in and out of the gulf. Try to move a tanker in there when they say no. Ain't gonna happen. And American Bombers now have bases within striking range of the entire Middle East.

  • Getting out of Saudi Arabia— 15 of the 19 Hijackers on 9/11 were Saudis. Osama Bin laden is a Saudi. America used to have bases in Saudi and a guaranteed oil supply from there. By taking over Iraq, it might seem like the U.S. now can have these from a docile puppet regime, some distance away from the land of Saud.

  • Terrorists are hard to find— It's hard to have a really definitive, and TV friendly victory over Osama and his cohorts. There are no Osama statues to pulls down on CNN. Even if he got bombed, we'd have to wait weeks for the forensics and DNA tests to come back and prove it was him. This is boring so most people wouldn't give a darn by the time it was done.

Why it won't work—

  • The Iraqi people don't want us there— That about says it all. They'll keep sniping, bombing, ambushing, trapping and killing our soldiers until the U.S. is gone. Don't believe me? Ask the Vietnamese.

  • The American Authorities who cooked up this monstrosity are stupid— I mean, I saw this coming in Sept 2002. And all I did was to watch "Viet Nam a television history". How smart do you have to be? When people don't want you in their country, they'll keep dying until you're gone. Any moron could see this.

  • The American Authorities who cooked up this monstrosity are evil— Cheney and Wolfowitz, Perle and Rumsfield went down the CIA and bullied the CIA into telling them what they wanted to hear. You won't catch me going to the Doctor and hassling her until she tells me my problems are solved, because that won't be true. The people mentioned above decided that the truth had to take a back seat to their political views and so they "Massaged" the data until it supported their conclusion. Basically they denied objective truth and reality in favor of a politically slanted view. But it's American Service men and women who pay the price in blood and ruin for this misapprehension.

    I'm not kidding, The American Authorities who cooked up this monstrosity are evil— They'll keep our people in harms way, dying and being crippled, and slaughtering human beings in Iraq primarily to avoid having to admit they were wrong. What would you think of me if I were wrong but murdered you so I wouldn't have to say so publicly?

  • The American Authorities who cooked up this monstrosity are liars— From "the 16 words" in the state of the union speech, to Collin Powell's entire U.N. presentation, these people think nothing of lying. Not to you, not to me, not to the world, and one must wonder if they lie to themselves. But the core fact here is that you can't trust a single word that falls out of their mouths. When someone lies to get their way, you certainly can't trust them, but the worst thing to is to give them their way. They'll just lie harder next time.

Arguments in favor of staying, not pulling out—

  • Iraq is now the battleground instead of New York— What makes you think Osama won't chuckle and cheap shot us while we're looking at Iraq? It's not like he's going to forget that New York and Los Angeles are there, DUH!

  • If we pull out now, we'll look weak— Sure. But we'll look weak, defeated and stupid when the Iraqis and Violent-Whack-Job-Jihad forces us out in a few more years. I recall the pictures of the hueys taking off from the U.S. Embassy in Saigon. We're heading in the same direction and the longer we stay, the worse this will be.

  • If we pull out now, we'll be inviting the terrorists to attack us— No; we've already invited them to attack us. George W Bush did so literally. Every time we blow up innocent civilians and leave grieving survivors in their wake, we invite someone who's family has just been destroyed to strap a bomb to himself and take a red-eye to heartland America. Or where ever he can get his revenge. Being there invites terror attacks. A strong defense would deter it.

    Ask yourself why this administration is so dead set against arming airline pilots.

  • If we just pull out now, Iraq will descend into chaos— yeah, well, it's too late to avoid this now. The neocons should have taken the warnings of this happening seriously before they pushed over the house of cards that held Iraq together. It doesn't matter if we pull out now or in 2012, Iraq's going to have to find it's own equilibrium and it's own balance. Our people on the ground patently don't understand the Iraqis, their cultures, or the forces at work in the country well enough to help them seek a new equilibrium, and the Iraqi's don't trust our soldiers and administrators enough to want their help.

Why I don't think we'll be getting out any time soon—

  • Follow the money— people who make big campaign contributions are making money hand over fist over the death and destruction in Iraq

  • Follow the lines of control— so long as they hold military bases in Iraq the powers that be control the flow of oil in and out of the middle east. I bet they won't let go of this idea easily or any time soon.

  • Football mentality— Americans who don't understand that this war means nothing but misery, destruction, and the waste of human lives (Or worse, don't care) will resent the idea of their team loosing the big game. The president who says "Screw it, we're outta here." will suffer badly in the popularity polls. Since getting re-elected will be his chief aim and goal, he'll waffle, flip flop and delay making the decision to get out.

What problems I see in the future of this Monstrous adventure—

  • Where are the soldiers going to come from?— The U.S. Military is being stretched to breaking point and beyond by the war in Iraq. where are the new soldiers going to come from? No one in their right mind would join right now.

  • The draft— This will be a show stopper. I predict that the Powers that be will declare victory, lie like rugs about how everything is going swell, and then flee like little girls before they're forced to let this particular rabbit out of the hat.

Summarizing my opinion— There is no happy ending to the War in Iraq. It was evil and stupid to begin with and won't get any better. The option is to pick the option that sucks the least. In my humble opinion this option is getting the hell out of there NOW. Today. Not one minute longer than necessary.

What makes America great is liberty, freedom, and the value of human life. Big armies and conquest are what dictatorships use to make themselves seem great.

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