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Get a job, kid!
Get a job, kid!
by Russmo

Number 255, January 18, 2004

"Life Goes On ...."


"Life goes on, I forget just why" as the poet wrote. And so it does. Goes, I mean. Goes on. Go on with you. Go away son, you bother me.

The stream of consciousness streams on ... er ... I forgot what I was trying to say.

At any rate, here is Issue Number 255 of The Libertarian Enterprise, Issue Number 1 was published on October 5, 1995, and here it is almost 10 years later. Wow.

This issue includes our usual mix of opinion, pontification, humor, humour, and hoooomer. And a new feature, "record reviews"—the question being, "does this review make you want to listen to the records"? If so, handy links are provided for buying them from Amazon.com. If not, well, life goes on, I forget just why.

Ken Holder
Your Mr. Ed

Letters to the Editor
by Our Readers
Letters from E.J. Totty, Alan R. Weiss, and two from Sunni Maravillosa:

Trolling for Government Programs
by Lady Liberty
One of the things that makes the Internet both helpful and enjoyable is the ability to "talk" with those with whom you've got something in common. Like many people, I'm a member of several e-mail groups for just that reason. But, just as we've all had to learn to deal with "spam" if we want the convenience of e-mail, both e-mail and news groups have had to learn to deal with "trolls" (for those of you who don't know, "spam" is junk e-mail, and "trolls" are those in groups who exist almost solely to say things the majority of the group will find highly objectionable and, if the troll is really lucky, even incendiary).

Let's All Wear Yellow Stars
by Caleb Paul
On occasion, I do catch snippets of the news (despite generally trying to avoid it) where I live, and I heard yesterday that the US government is now photographing and fingerprinting people as they enter the US. There are twenty seven countries (most in the EU) whose citizens are exempt from this, but the US government is expecting those countries to provide passports with biometric identification by the end of the year. Apparently, Brazil has already responded to the US by making its citizens go through similar procedures when they go to Brazil.

Government and Religion: the two biggest criminal enterprises in history
by Ron Beatty
From it's very inception, government is, and always has been, nothing more than organized crime!

U.S out of Iraq NOW
by Jay P. Hailey
My Opinion is that U.S. forces should pack up and skedaddle out of Iraq as soon as humanly possible.

You Can't Do That! (Without a License)
by Charles Stone, Jr.
The land of the free and the home of the brave, eh? That's what they say, but try to do any one of hundreds of things without a government license and you'll find out just how unfree we really are.

The Wizardry Lives On
by Ken Holder
Symphony conductor Leopold Stokowski died in 1977 at age 95, but his wizardry with an orchestra lives on in recordings.

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