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Number 256, January 25, 2004

"From the ashes a fire shall be woken"

Aaron Russo Running for President to stop the impending Military Draft, Seeks the Libertarian nomination
by Max Hirschman

Special to TLE

Hollywood Producer will fight the impending Military Draft that forces both Men and Women between the ages of 18-26 into military service.

Russo Promises to Bring the Disenfranchised Back to the Voting Booth as he did in the 1998 Nevada Governors Race.

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 02, 2003 Famed Hollywood producer Aaron Russo, whose movie, television, music, and theater production credits have won an Emmy, a Tony, the NAACP Image Award, six Academy Award and two Golden Globe nominations, and a plethora of gold and platinum records has announced his biggest undertaking yet. Upset over America's economic decline, the PATRIOT Act, the unconstitutional War in Iraq, and the revamping of the draft board, Russo is running as a Libertarian candidate for President of the United States.

Russo's campaign strategy parallels the grassroots, approach he demonstrated while running in a controversial race for Governor of Nevada in 1998, which garnered him 26% of the vote in a four-way race. Russo's innovative web site www.russoforpresident.com offers voters his positions on a wide range of issues in an interactive video-based format taken from his highly-acclaimed June 2003 BBC interview.

Russo is kicking off his campaign by sending 25 million video e-mails to voters using the latest in high-quality streaming media technology. Russo believes it's ironic that today's politicians most closely resemble Hollywood, with their budget overages. Every production Russo has helmed, from the Emmy-winning special Ol' Red Hair Is Back for NBC, starring Dustin Hoffman and Bette Midler, to the classic Christmas comedy Trading Places (Paramount) starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd, has been delivered on budget and on time. Russo is a born leader, said Bette Midler and Jack Nicholson endorsed Russo in the Nevada gubernatorial campaign as a man of his word.

Russo defies categorization as either Republican or Democrat, right- or left-wing. A He feels that neither of the two major political parties serves the American public's interests. On his web site www.russoforpresident.com Russo compares his positions on the U.S. economy, the PATRIOT Act, and the War in Iraq with the incumbent Republican George W. Bush and the Democratic challenger Howard Dean. Russo demonstrates that both candidates are very similar in policy because they both support the PATRIOT Act, they both support keeping our troops in Iraq, and they both support increased federal spending.

Russo is outraged by the handling of our economy, which is plagued by an inflated cost of living, high unemployment rates, an increase in personal bankruptcies, a huge budget deficit, and $44 trillion in unfounded government liabilities. Yet, both Bush and Dean intend to increase government spending which is the root cause of our economic problems, says Russo. Russo's web site clearly exemplifies how Dean supports more spending and an increase in taxes which will result in more poverty, while Bush plans on more spending while cutting taxes, which will result in greater inflation and higher deficits. Russo will cut government spending and cut taxes in order to create employment and prosperity.

Neither Bush nor Dean seem concerned that their concurrent support of the PATRIOT Act grants the executive branch untrammeled powers, including the ability to conduct sneak and peek searches of peoples' homes and offices, obtain personal records, monitor financial transactions, conduct wiretaps, and to jail citizens indefinitely without a trial. I do not believe that American's must give up their freedoms for security. Once we give up our freedoms, we've lost the war and everything that made America great. As President, I will immediately repeal the PATRIOT Act, vows Russo.

Both Bush and Dean agree on keeping American troops stationed in Iraq and not allowing the Iraqi people self-determination. Howard Dean is a trickster. With his left hand he says he's the anti-war candidate. With his right hand he says he wants to send more troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, Russo says. As it concerns the future of the war what difference is there between Howard Dean and George W. Bush? Answer: none. If either George Bush or a Democrat wins the presidential election, you can be certain that the military draft will be reinstated. There ia ample evidence of this on the website. Russo is appalled that no one is discussing the coming military draft as evidenced by a posting on the Department of Defense's website (since removed and now archived on Russo's website) and Bush's $28 million allocation to his fiscal year 2004 budget for the Selective Service System to initiate a draft As President, I will bring our troops home from Iraq and make certain that the draft is not implemented.

A tireless advocate for Alternative Medicine, Russo will continue to fight for an individual's right to choose the medical care of their choice. Dr. Robert Atkins, recognized, If I could count on only one man to take on the federal government, in defense of alternative medicine, it would be Aaron Russo.

As reported in the Associated Press, 70 percent of the American people no longer trust the American government. They are unhappy with the two political parties, Russo says. If someone ran whom they knew was sincere, who respected the Constitution, and who wasn't a politician, they would come out and vote. People are tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. They want someone to vote FOR. That's why I believe a third-party candidate, who offers a real choice, can win this election.

This is a press release. If the major news outlets can run a press release as an article, so we can, eh?—Mr. Ed, filling up space for your reading pleasure for 256 issues and still counting.


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