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"Subversive!" by Wiley Miller):
Non Sequitur, Friday January 23, 2004

Number 256, January 25, 2004

"From the ashes a fire shall be woken"

Hunter for Justice
by Lady Liberty
Sometimes, big bad things happen that have a profound affect on our civil liberties. The USA PATRIOT Act is an example of such a big bad thing. Other times, little things happen (albeit big to those directly involved) that could also prove to have a significant affect on our rights in the near term. One such small thing is the year-end arrest of Jeffrey Jordan.

The IRS has an Income Tax problem
by Robert R. Raymond
The IRS has an Income Tax problem. Tens of millions of Americans no longer file the form 1040. Why is that? Well, besides the fact that government consumes 40 percent of the fruits of our labor and people sometimes have to make a choice between feeding their families or feeding Uncle Sam; people are tired of IRS abuses, lack of candor about the law and the need for true due process when Americanšs interact with the IRS. The greatest abuse being the IRS's and our elected officials refusal to tell the people what law makes them liable to pay the Individual Income tax.

Gun haters kill again: Protect yourself from vicious animals
by Rex Curry
Did gun haters kill Mark Jeffrey Reynolds? Did gun haters almost kill Anne Hjelle? They were attacked by vicious animals while biking in a wilderness park in California. They had been disarmed by vicious animals while biking in a wilderness park in California.

Book Review: Freehold
by Ron Beatty
Freehold by Michael Z. Williamson is a fascinating new science fiction book published by Jim Baen, and more than lives up to my expectations from a basically libertarian publisher.

Aaron Russo Running for President to stop the impending Military Draft, Seeks the Libertarian nomination
by Max Hirschman
Hollywood Producer will fight the impending Military Draft that forces both Men and Women between the ages of 18-26 into military service. Russo Promises to Bring the Disenfranchised Back to the Voting Booth as he did in the 1998 Nevada Governors Race.

A Man's (and Woman's) Home is a Castle
by Wendy McElroy
The story of Anthony Bars the 4-year-old boy who was starved and beaten to death in Indiana by foster parents with a criminal record of child abuse ... continues. Due to media and public outrage, the caseworker who recommended removing Anthony from an earlier, loving foster parent is facing charges. Denise Moore is accused of official misconduct and of falsifying reports in an adoption proceeding: misdemeanor offenses.

Liberty: The Gold That Does Not Glitter
by The Hunter (Jeffrey Jordan)
It is entirely possible from what I know of him that Tolkien indeed had some inner meaning relating to the struggle for freedom in mind. He was far more consciously anarchist than I realized until I started reading his letters some years after this first occurred to me. Whether he intended that meaning or not, the image is very strong.

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