Some Questions for Verizon:
Another Side to Hunter's Concealed-Carry Arrest?

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"Oh Horrors!! Jenet Jacksons Breast Exposed", by Pat Oliphant

Number 258, February 8, 2004

Government has no requirement to protect anyone


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Letters to the Editor
Letters from Frank Ney, E.J.Totty, Scott Kohlhaas, and Sergei Borglum Hoff:

Who's Scary Now?
by Lady Liberty
Every holiday season, I do the same thing that millions of Americans do: I prepare a kind of "newsletter" recapping the year, and I include a copy of it with my greeting cards. This past Christmas, I also sent a copy of an editorial I had written entitled Thanks and Giving. I thought it was appropriate since I mentioned in my newsletter that I wrote regular commentaries, and because it talked both about what I was thankful for in 2003 as well as some things I really would have liked to receive as Christmas gifts.

Ominous Events
by Ron Beatty
The first month of the new year is over, and I have to say that I have never noticed so many ominous events in one single month. Now this may be because I am paying more attention lately, but considering the way the world has been trending for the last 2 years, and five months, we should at least take note of some of these events.

Some Questions for Verizon:
Another Side to Hunter's Concealed-Carry Arrest?

by Carl Bussjaeger
By now, you should be aware that freedom-activist Jeff "Hunter" Jordan was arrested by the Ohio State Highway Patrol for lawfully carrying a concealed weapon (yes, you read that right). (Details here and here. There may be another aspect to this issue that needs attention.

False Condition, False Charges
by Wendy McElroy
Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy (MSBP) is the psychiatric diagnosis by which a parent -- almost always a mother -- is accused of harming or killing a child in order to garner attention. Over the last decade, British women who sought pediatric aid risked a diagnosis that could lead not only to the termination of parental rights but also to imprisonment based on "expert" testimony. Perhaps as many as tens of thousands of children have been taken away by the State on the basis of MSBP. Now that diagnosis is being widely discredited in Britain.

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