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"Oh Horrors!! Jenet Jacksons Breast Exposed"
by Pat Oliphant
(Carried over from last issue)

Number 259, February 15, 2004

Marriage, Nipples, and Sheep


Well, the promised mid-week Special Edition of TLE didn't come about after all. The best-laid plans of Editors and Publishers and all of that. To make up for it, we've got a better-than-usual issue this time—in fact, we had so many good submissions we could have made an even larger issue. Look for those submissions to appear next week.

Ken Holder
Your Mr. Ed

Letters to the Editor
Letters from James J Odle, Carl Bussjaeger, and Russell D. Longcore:

The War of Janet's Nipple
by L. Neil Smith
Unless your brain's been frozen in a vat of liquid nitrogen for the past few days, you know -- like everyone else within a lightweek of the planet -- that during the recent Super Bowl, the right half of entertainer Janet Jackson's upper apparel was suddenly removed by her fellow performer Justin Timberlake (a name I know only because I have a 14-year-old daughter), revealing her naked right breast on national TV.

Government Marriage
by William Stone, III
The Right-Wing socialists are really beginning to tick me off. As long-time readers of this column know, I subscribe to the notion that there are two kinds of socialists: Right-Wing (largely Republicans) and Left-Wing (largely Democrats).

Marriage, Revisited
by Ron Beatty
With the actions of various state courts, legislatures, and politicians recently, I thought it might be time revisit marriage, what it is, and why anything that government does about marriage is wrong, no matter what pretense is used.

Where are the Adults?
by James J Odle
"Where are the adults?" This was one of the most compelling and truthful Republican Party critiques of the Clinton administration. Nevertheless, now that the previous regime is fading into the past -- and it can't fade fast enough for this libertarian -- we must still ask the question, "Where are the adults?"

We Are sheep—and That's Not an Insult!
by Kalaong
While rereading L. Neil Smith's 'Hope', I ran across his comment on how if people are sheep and happy living in cages, why do they demand more freedom whenever they gain more knowledge? Musing on that for a moment, I had an epiphany.

Listening Session: Sibelius
by Ken Holder
Back 25 or so years ago I bought a boxed set of the Sibelius Symphonies. As was my custom with new LPs (remember them?) I was playing through all of them in case there was a defect so I could take them right back to the record store for replacement. It so happened that a new lady friend was visiting, and after listening to 4 or 5 LP sides of Sibelius' music, she turned to me and said "This is the sexiest music I've ever heard!" Later, she undressed.

TLE Interviews Aaron Russo—Part One
by L. Neil Smith
Aaron Russo is becoming better and better known to libertarians as a celebrated movie maker who is fed up with the direction in which the Bush Administration is taking America, and seeks the Librtarian Party's Presidential nomination. I recently interviewed Aaron by telephone, only to discover that my elderly cassette tape recorder had problems that made listening to and transcribing the interview very painful and arduous....So here, a little later than I had planned, is the first part of that interview.

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