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"The Budget Party (You get the Bill)"
by Russmo

Number 260, February 22, 2004

Better late than never


Yes, this issue is late. I had a tummy ache. Also the dawg ate my blue pencil. Deal with it.

Part 2 of the Interview with Aaron Russo is also delayed due to technical problems which make transcribing it a Royal Pain, but it will show up in the fullness of time. Along with Another New Article from L. Neil Smith.

Article submissions have fallen off: this is NOT ALLOWED. Kibo told me so. Back to the grind-stone, writers, I've got a magazine to put out here!

Ken Holder
Your Mr. Ed

Letters to the Editor
Letters from Carl W. Bussjaeger, Rex Curry, Sharon Harris, Randall Hofland, Curtis Handsaker, and e.j.totty:

Pick Your Pill
by Lady Liberty
In the movie The Matrix, the lead character is asked to swallow either a red pill or a blue pill. He is to choose based on the fact that one pill will make him forget what he's learned so far and wake up in his own bed. The other will result in him obtaining knowledge that will change the way he lives and sees the world around him irrevocably and forever. Neo chooses the knowledge. I relate to Neo because that would have been my choice, too.

A long line of BS
by E.J. Totty
It's taken me a long time to get to this point. No, it's not the same e-mail I send several hours ago. But, yes, this involves a grave, yet honest admission of facts, about 'things' I've been doing for a 'very long' time. My conscience has so oppressed me, that I feel absolutely compelled to speak out about my crime. My shame has finally overcome me, and I cannot restrain myself any longer. If I don't speak out now, I might not keep my sanity. You see? Behind the scenes -- over the last several decades actually -- even while I was employed by Uncle Sugar in the USN, I was engaged in a, well, heinous activity about which I am going to expose.

Education of a libertarian
by Ron Beatty
I was thinking the other day, and realized that it might be interesting to examine just how I got to this point in my life. How did a basically rightwing, Catholic, patriotic boy become a libertarian, pagan, advocate of free thinking and small government?

Censorship Is Not Solution for Trashy TV
by Wendy McElroy
Janet Jackson's pop-up breast during SuperBowl halftime did not create the Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act (BDEA) of 2004. But it will propel passage of that Act. The consequences may be far worse than a bit of trashy exhibitionism on TV; independent television and radio stations may be silenced. This is especially unfortunate as the application of law is not necessary to remedy the offense.

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