L. Neil Smith's
Number 262, March 7, 2004

Remember: Free Hunter!

Hello, World!
by Carl Bussjaeger

Exclusive to The Libertarian Enterprise

I'm wondering...

Is there anyone out there? Or am I all alone here?

It's like this. The (Police) State of Ohio is perpetrating a major injustice on Jeff "Hunter" Jordan (more here). To make matters worse, it appears that Hunter's employer, Verizon Communications, is getting in on the act, too.

What is happening to Hunter bothers me on two levels. First, Hunter is a good friend, and I hate to see a friend unfairly shafted. But -- maybe? -- more importantly in the broader scheme of things, Hunter is getting shafted by the State and one of its corporate minions.. And they are doing so in violation of their own rules. You know the rules: the ones the government keeps telling us private individuals to blindly obey. This is about as anti-freedom as you can get. Ohio and Verizon want to deny Mr. Jordan his basic right -- a biological imperative, no less! -- to preserve his life.

I had a plan to help Hunter, within the rules that the State insists we follow. It is easy, simple, cheap, and I think effective...

If anyone else out there would join me.

The idea was nothing more than a letter campaign. I wrote letters in support of Hunter to the judge and prosecutor in Hunter's case, and Verizon. I wrote letters to the editor of an area newspaper, too.

But letters from one lone man are just good for cheap giggles to an entire State and a mega-corporation. So I wrote articles (here and here) asking everyone else who values freedom, the right to keep and bear arms, and simply what is right to write letters, too. Numbers count in this kind of game. The small handful of people of whom I know have written letters don't count for much more than just me alone. (Which probably explains why Verizon hasn't deigned to notice and answer us.)

So I want to make this just a little more formal. Please write letters to Verizon, newspapers, the judge, the prosecutor. And when you do, include these activist and media outlets in your courtesy copy (cc) list. After all, if no one outside of the government and Verizon know these letters exist, the government and Verizon can continue to pretend they don't. And include one more contact: me. Let me know I'm not alone in giving a darn that the State and its corporate buddy is shafting a freedom activist.

This isn't just for my ego either. When some reporter asks me why I'm waging a one-man campaign against tyranny, I can honestly correct him with, "It's hardly a one-man battle; I'm just one of X thousands who are acting in this." Assuming we write enough letters to gain a reporter's attention.

The mainstream media, their TV drone-victims, and government would like to forget that gunnies and freedom lovers aren't just a small, weird, fringe element. We are most of America.

Help me remind them.


Net Assets
by Carl Bussjaeger
"Access to Space for Everyone!"

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