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Kerry "Lux Lucre" Pearson
On Page 11 of Chapter 17 of
the Graphic Novel version of
The Probability Broach
by L. Neil Smith and Scott Bieser
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Number 262, March 7, 2004

Remember: Free Hunter!


Welcome to the 262nd edition of The Libertarian Enterprise!

TLE is happy to welcome yet again some new authors to our pages, along with some "regulars". Especially an excerpt from L. Neil Smith's new book Ceres, upon which he's working as we speak.

And TLE is deliriously happy to give yet another glimpse of the forthcoming "graphic novel" (a.k.a. "comic book") version of The Probability Broach, featuring TLE's late and much lamented friend Kerry "Lux Lucre" Pearson (see here). Kerry (the fellow with the glasses who first appears in the 3rd panel) joins TLE's late and much lamented former editor Dan Weiner, (see here) , in lending their images as characters in TPB-TGN. The old lady in the green paisley dress is Lucy, of course (she looks rather like my grand'ma Lucy, doesn't she?), and feller with the hat is Win Bear (in case you couldn't figure it all out ;-)

We're also waiting on an obituary of SEK3 but it hasn't arrived in the mailbox yet. Yes, another one has passed.

Y'all stop dying out there, ya hear?

Ken Holder
Your Mr. Ed

Letters to the Editor
Letters from Dennis Kabaczy, Scott Graves, Nicolas Martin, Nicki Fellenzer, and Dave Doctor:

An Excerpt from Ceres
Copyright © 2004 by L. Neil Smith
Author's note: Although the "Ashland Event" is mentioned elsewhere in the novel, this is the most detailed section I've written about it so far.

Hello, World!
by Carl Bussjaeger
What is happening to Hunter bothers me on two levels. First, Hunter is a good friend, and I hate to see a friend unfairly shafted. But—maybe?—more importantly in the broader scheme of things, Hunter is getting shafted by the State and one of its corporate minions.. And they are doing so in violation of their own rules. You know the rules: the ones the government keeps telling us private individuals to blindly obey. This is about as anti-freedom as you can get. Ohio and Verizon want to deny Mr. Jordan his basic right—a biological imperative, no less!—to preserve his life.

Going to School
by Michael Brightbill
Ladies and gentlemen, or, as a great man says, "sons and daughters of the American Revolution," I'd like to bring you into the classroom with me. I am a high school senior in Indiana. At my school, a course in Government and Economics is required for a senior to pass his graduation year. I've been a Libertarian for two or three years now, ever since I read The Probability Broach by that great man I previously mentioned, so I've had some time to form my own opinions and discover truths about the tyranny we all suffer under. The school offered an Honors course in Government/ Economics that was known to be a freer class than the academic form, allowing more debate and discussion in the classroom. I figured this was a better choice in that it would give me a chance to speak about my thoughts and observations.

Freedom and Well-being: Libertarian Psychology
by Audie Gaddis, Ph.D.
Sometime during their first session with me I inform my new clients that my philosophy as a psychologist is what I call, "Libertarian Psychology." Since the word "libertarian," has a variety of meanings attached to it, I then offer this explanation:

On Mel Gibson
by Alan R. Weiss
... I'm with you on how Hollywood tends towards rampant political correctness, and how Mel Gibson has often breached the so-called "common understanding" (the most important of which is clearly "thou shalt not have honor and virtue, certainly not using guns"). We all know how John Milius has suffered for "Red Dawn", for example—and how "The Patriot" took a beating, as you correctly pointed out (in that case, it didn't seem to hurt sales, though).

Lies About the Welfare State, Lies About the Warfare State
by Anthony Gregory
Many so-called conservatives today dismiss critics of the Bush Administration's foreign policy as partisan knee-jerk Bush-haters, whose alleged penchant for exaggerating the perils of the War on Terrorism deprives them of the restraint and credibility necessary for the functioning of productive political discourse.

It Doesn't Have to be This Way
by Jonathan Taylor
Have you ever wondered why you are required to go to school, then searched and treated generally like a criminal for the entire time you're there? Why those in charge of the school system expect you to submit willingly and happily to intrusions upon your rights—intrusions that would be unthinkable if they themselves were the targets? Why simply going to school, as you're required to do, gives the government carte blanche to take away almost every civil liberty this country was founded upon?

The Kaptain's Log: Nationalism and Racism: Enemies of Liberty
by Manuel Miles, aka Kapt Kanada
It grieves me to say it, but libertarianism has next to no chance to succeed in the USA. The reason is not that the State is invincible; far from it. Rather, the fault lies with some of its purported foes. Too many of those claiming to be "libertarians" are actually opposed to one of the basic tenets of libertarian society—that the national State must disappear. Oh, they want aspects of it to go away, to be sure, but they want to keep its cornerstones to "protect" them from peaceful people! Think about that one for a minute...

Law Versus Reality
by William Stone, III
Whenever the law doesn't match reality, reality wins. There are no exceptions. This is becoming more obvious every day with respect to what is generally termed "intellectual property" or "IP." IP is a term bandied about a lot with respect to high-tech items like computers and computer operating systems. The real problem is this: There is no such thing as intellectual property, and it's a denial of reality to behave as though knowledge is property.

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