L. Neil Smith's
Number 264, March 21, 2004

"Mind Your Own Damned Business"

The Kaptain's Log: Mind Your Own Damned Business
by Manuel Miles, aka Kapt Kanada

Exclusive to TLE

Just a friendly word of advice to the misgovernment of Canada; take a few notes and learn some lessons from the recent experience of Spain. Of course I refer to the bombing of peaceful Spanish commuters and the subsequent a) lies of the government of Prime Minister Aznar ("It must have been the ETA, so vote for me again!") and b) the ouster of his party in favour of the Socialistas of Mr Zapatero by an electorate which knew a stinking lie when the odour affronted its collective nostrils.

Further, it seems that the Spanish populace were able to figure out, all on their own, that endorsing and supporting the US Empire's wars of aggression actually invites murderous revenge attacks from some of the victims thereof. Unfortunately, "the terrorists" of Al-Qaeda et al share with the imperial forces occupying Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq a belief that the solution to any problem is to bomb innocent noncombatants.

For years now, the ruling Canadian Liberal party has been beating the war drum and chanting the tired mantra that Canadian troops are helping the USA to occupy Afghanistan because this activity somehow keeps Canadians "safe" from a terrorism which didn't, heretofore, threaten Canadians. That is no different from arguing that if I think that there's a vicious dog on the other side of town, my best course of action is to walk over to its house every day and throw rocks at it, because one day it might get out of its yard!

In any case, this fools' insurance policy has just been proven bankrupt in Spain. It's interesting to note, however, that the cynics of the Canadian fedgov are still singing the same tune even after the music has changed.

The stupid lyrics of this insane agitprop about "security from terrorism" serve to create a diversion, of course, from the three real reasons for the recent series of imperial wars against Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan: oil, oil and petroleum. It wouldn't do to tell the masses that this is why Canadian soldiers are killing and dying in a faraway Asian land. It's much easier to deflect criticism with the old Chicken Little ploy. The sky, however, isn't falling (yet), and will likely stay right where it is if our rulers in Ottawa would mind their own business and stop toadying to their imperial masters in Washington, DC If they keep on their present course, however, some nut case will eventually get around to murdering Canadian commuters, too.

Then the liars of State will cry that this is because we didn't do enough for their Yankee neocon minders; to the True Believer, the failure of a policy is its proof. That's why the total lack of WMDs in Iraq "proves" how right the British and American governments were to invade and occupy that oil-rich land, right?

Well, even the Canadian people might one day wise up sufficiently to opt for a policy of "throwing the rascals out" in favour of a party which at least pretends to oppose the US imperial agenda (presuming that such a party should arise). If the current gang of grafters in Ottawa don't wish to share the fate of Spanish Prime Minister Aznar, they should dump the imperial slogan of "Be afraid; be very afraid!" for the one at the top of this column: Mind Your Own Damned Business.

Who knows, it just might catch on sufficiently to bring Canada an era of...

Peace and Liberty.

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