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Number 268, April 25, 2004

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The Kaptain's Log
The Christ-Killers

by Manuel Miles, aka Kapt Kanada

Exclusive to TLE

The recent unsuccessful and entirely artificial "controversy" created in an attempt to prevent Mel Gibson's triumphal "The Passion of the Christ" from being shown got me thinking about who really killed our Saviour. We Christians, of course, believe that all mankind is to blame, not just "the Jews". The anti-Christian propagandists know this, but claim the opposite in order to further their war against God and Christianity.

Not surprisingly, the predicted anti-Jewish pogroms led by mobs of inflamed movie-goers have not materialised, even though 'The Passion' has been seen by more people than all but a handful of other films in history. Meanwhile, ongoing virulent anti-Christian acts, from Indonesia to New York City, continue to be either unreported or defended by the statist media.

For the record: the Holy Bible (and Mel's film) makes it clear that Jesus of Nazareth was tortured, reviled, and finally horribly assassinated by imperial Roman soldiers at the behest of a clique of quislings in an occupied land. [Occupying soldiers acting on behalf of a puppet regime terrorising the population of a middle eastern land? All of this gives me the strongest sense of deja-vu, for some reason...]

Pontius Pilate disingenuously washed his hands of his responsibility but, like the damned spot on Lady MacBeth's hand, his guilt remains. The carefully selected and organised mob that cried for Christ's death was one of several groups that fought over the crumbs of sovereignty which occasionally fell from the occupier's table. Their machinations and jealousy of the Nazarene's influence on the people led to their calling for His death. They represent all mankind when we act as they did, and their guilt, like ours when we imitate them, is indelible, too. That kills Christ.

In Kosovo, the KLA gangs recently completed yet another in their unending series of "ethnic cleansing" attacks on the handful of Serbs, Roma and Jews remaining in that occupied province. They burnt down two hundred more Christian churches, which leaves only a handful of some of the most beautiful monuments to Christ ever built still standing there. They have systematically exterminated both the Serbs and all signs of their religion and culture, even murdering occupation officials for speaking Serbo-Croatian. The Nato occupation forces stood back and watched, as the imperial forces did in Rwanda. That kills Christ.

In Afghanistan, people have been kidnapped and shipped like cattle halfway around the world to the inaccessible US base at occupied Guantanamo, Cuba, where they have been tortured routinely. The imperial military continues to bomb villagers in the countryside of Afghanistan and to murder any Afghans who oppose their attempt to conquer that unfortunate land. They have bombed wedding parties and one another in a series of "unfortunate mistakes" that never ends. That kills Christ.

In Occupied Iraq, imperial proconsul Bremer huddles in his palace where he is surrounded by a mercenary praetorian guard. (Apparently, like the quisling stooge in Kabul, he can't trust his "own" army to do the job.) He issued a death warrant for a religious leader whom he accused of publishing "false news", and sent his legions to slaughter entire civilian neighbourhoods. The charges against the religious leader were brought by the proconsul's own Iraqi stooges. (Didn't we see a similar scenario played out about 2000 years ago?) That kills Christ.

So who are the Christ-killers of our time? Could it be the blaspheming "Christian" administration of Emperor Bush II? Could it be the mob of US citizens who endorse every imperial war of aggression whether it masquerades as "a humanitarian intervention" or self-defence against imaginary weapons or a "punishment" of a nation that supposedly harboured Al-Qaeda? Could it be phony American "Christians" who support every evil act perpetrated against innocent Palestinian civilians by the regime of a war criminal? Who are the Christ-killers, after all?

Don't look at me that way; I'm just asking.


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