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Number 270, May 9, 2004

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The Kaptain's Log
Seen Enough Yet?

by Kapt Kanada, a.k.a. Manuel Miles

Exclusive to TLE

Despite the assurances of pathological liars like GW Bush & Co, the war crimes taking place every day in Iraq are exactly what "America" is all about. One supposedly antiwar columnist recently opined that the crimes committed by the NWO empire in Iraq were such a sea change from "...our post WWII reputation for nobleness and heroism" that said imaginary reputation was suffering damage.I don't know whether he is being disingenuous or he's just plain thick as a brick. I do know that the USA has been committing wars of aggression and the attendant war crimes since almost the day it was founded. Mind you, I read history.

The post-WWII US empire didn't end up with military bases in over 100 other countries by being either noble or heroic; it accomplished this by war and threats of war. It heads "coalitions" of the intimidated, the bribed, the conquered and the co-conspirators, but never of "the willing".

Some fools have been blithering about "a republic, not an empire" for years now, always claiming that the two are somehow mutually exclusive, while simultaneously clamouring for wars that "are in America's interest." These types just happen to disagree with the current regime as to which wars are "humanitarian" (and noble and heroic, etc) or in the "national interest" of the ruling oligarchy and its DemRep Party mouthpieces. The fact that no nation has a right to attack other nations, preemptively or otherwise, has not yet occurred to either the paleocon artists or the left-libbies, any more than it has to the neocons. The left and right wings of the war party are part of the statist vulture, after all, and not just the buzzard's tailfeathers...

Now various statists are surprised, as well as shocked, by the photos from the Don't Ask-Don't Tell Army's prisons, as if the torture training centre of the "School of the Americas" didn't exist, not to mention the fine humanitarian records of the CIA, the FBI, the BATF the DEA, and all the rest of the psychopathic alphabet soup. Shocked, one should be; but surprised? Give me a break!

Even pretending that the mass slaughter of South Korean civilians, Vietnamese civilians, and noncombatants in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Serbia-Montenegro (and at least a dozen other lands where the US has meddled and murdered) never happened, the evidence from Iraq is irrefutable. So the only question left to be answered is this: Have You Seen Enough Yet? If so, I suggest that it's time to dust off the protest placards and get out into the streets again; only this time, let's us ordinary folk lead the way.

Instead of waiting for the moribund left-wingers to decide that they need to divert people from the statist basis of imperial warmongering (with idiotic Marxist slogans like "people, not profits" and "no war but 'peoples' war"), we should call our friends and neighbours and organise informational protest meetings, marches, et cetera.I know that I'm going to, even if I have to stand alone at first.

We should pick up the antiwar banner and remind the world that now is the time to turn the screws to the war machine. A fresh round of international protests at this time could well prove fatal to the empire's faltering attempts to hold on to its newest colony. The leftists lost interest when the US invaded Iraq, but "it ain't over 'til it's over," and it ain't over yet.

Oh, I know we don't have the mailing lists of the usual suspects that the lefties have, but I'm more interested in attracting the people who are alienated by the leftists anyway. It's the average Joe and Jane whom the warmongers fear the most, and it is for this reason that even small, sporadic demonstrations by non-leftists puts the fear of God (and war crimes trials) in them.

So, if you've seen enough, and if you care enough, make a placard and some leaflets and call for antiwar rallies in your community now. Can't think of a slogan? How about this one:

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