L. Neil Smith's
Number 270, May 9, 2004

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"Wasting" your vote?
by Ron Beatty

Exclusive to TLE

This year, as in every election year, we hear numerous voices raised in a deafening clamor for change. This year, as in every election year, we hear the voices of the leaders of various special interest groups droning about "wasting" our votes by voting for those who espouse and champion the change desired. They tell us that the only way to accomplish anything is to vote for the person the special interest group supports. It doesn't matter that the person they are supporting may be a coward, a fool, a demagogue, or a traitor (or all of the above), as proved by his public acts.

EXCUSE ME? How the hell do we expect to get change if we keep voting for the same liars that have betrayed us time after time? How do we expect to get change if we don't vote for those who champion the change?

Gun owners, for years, have backed the Republican't party, based on the perception that they are slightly less anti-gun than the Democraps. This perception exists even though it was turncoat Republican'ts that gave us the Assault Weapons Ban. It was cowardly members of both parties who gave us the so-called Patriot Act, the largest assault on Constitutional Rights since the Civil War. It is a Republican't president who says that he will sign an extension of the AWB, if it reaches his desk. It is a Republican't president who wants to extend and further reduce our civil rights in the name of fighting 'terrorism'.


Let me tell you the ONLY way to waste your vote: Listen to someone else tell you how to vote, instead of voting your conscience. Don't vote for what you really believe in, because you think you can't win. Where would we be today if those who founded this country had said, "Well, we're outnumbered 100 to 1, they have a huge army, we have none. I guess we'll just give up on being free?" I wonder what Bowie, Travis, Crockett, Leonidas of Sparta, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Andrew Jackson or Thomas Jefferson would say to that? These men, and countless others risked their LIVES, we have only to risk a VOTE at this time.

If you want this country to become the next incarnation of Nazi Germany, the next Soviet Union, the next Imperial Rome, vote Republican't.

If you want this country to be a poverty stricken third world nation, with it's citizens taxed into poverty and submission, no more than a minor satrapy in a UN global hegemony, vote Democrap.

If you believe that no government has the right to tell you whom to love, who to associate with, when or how you can travel, vote Libertarian. If you believe that you do not need 'permission' to defend your life, to start a business, or to get married, vote Libertarian. If you believe that government employees are no better than anyone else, vote Libertarian.

You tell ME which is wasting your vote.

Hope, by Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith

Publication date: August 2001 from Mazel Freedom Press, Inc.; distributed by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, Inc., PO Box 270143, Hartford, WI 53027.

Order Hope from JPFO via this link. (Find more information and endorsements on that page as well!)

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