L. Neil Smith's
Number 271, May 16, 2004

Remember: You are the most powerful force in history!

The Kaptain's Log
by Kapt Kanada, a.k.a. Manuel Miles

Exclusive to TLE

'Cut and Run', you murdering slime!

In 1973, the last American combat troops left Viet Nam. Two years later, the last CIA torturers ran to the roof of the US embassy and clambered aboard helicopters. They had lost, and they "cut and ran".

Thirty-one years later, the US government is up to its same old imperial 'shock and awe' tricks; shocking the world with its abuses of the most basic of human rights, and inspiring awe by their vicious, mindless stupidity. Once again they have antagonised the hell out of a people whom they came to "liberate" (from their oil, their independence, their dignity, et cetera), and once again, a people are responding in the only way left to them; they are fighting back, tooth and nail, an eye for an eye.

A final comparison; in both Viet Nam and Iraq (and Serbia and Afghanistan), the American and allied forces are invaders. Their troops are armies of brutal occupation; not "peacekeepers".

The Yanks lost the Viet Nam War because their populace tired of the cost in American lives, because of continuing international protest, and because they became pariahs to the entire world. In the end, their armies were forced to leave, despite their Pyrrhic battlefield victories.

They can be forced to leave Iraq, too ( and Afghanistan and occupied Kosovo province). History shows that unrelenting pressure from the single most powerful force in history — the motivated, dedicated individual — can accomplish this.

Which brings us to the question of the hour: what are you going to do to compel the retreat of the imperial occupation forces? May I suggest that you organise antiwar protests and rallies in your community, and that you keep marching, chanting and discussing until the US government sees the writing on the wall?

And you all know what is written there, don't you?! It says...

Peace and Liberty!

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