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What do we need ... what do we not need?

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Letter from Caleb Paul

Greetings and thanks from Barbara Goushaw-Collins of the Badnarik For President campaign management team. As you can guess, things have been pretty hectic around here! Michaels' stunning win at convention surprised everyone. My husband and partner in the "Troika" campaign management team, Fred Collins, supported Michael, while I supported Nolan. NEITHER of us thought we would leave Atlanta running the Badnarik for presidential campaign!

But that's part or what's great about this. Supporters from all of the candidates for nomination have rallied around Michael. Including the candidates themselves! We have spoken with, or had meetings with both Mr. Russo, and Mr. Nolan. Both are very supportive of Michael, and willing to help.
...So no "party factioning" to dilute our message this time!

What do we need right now?

Money: (of course) Michael did not plan on receiving the nomination, so there is no "war chest" waiting for us. If we are going to implement our plan, we need to raise over $100,000 per week. We have set a goal that 80% of all funds raised will go to TV. We plan to hold administration costs to a minimum, but people gotta eat, and we can't exactly put our candidate out there in the 6 year old Kia anymore! You can donate through paypal on the website now, or wait a couple days for us to get the direct visa account secure and up.

Best plan: send your check to: P.O. Box 841 Buda TX 78610. The individual contribution limit is $2000.00 per person.

Volunteers: Please e-mail to volunteer@Badnarik.org. Include your name, address, phone, e-mail, how much time you can give us and your "skill set." Then be patient while we decide what our volunteers will be doing and when.

Weekly on-line announcement/newsletter editor: Articulate, computer savvy, and willing to work long hours for no pay. Fax your resume to 248-399-0912. I know that seems weird but the on-line traffic has been so heavy, e-mails are in danger of getting lost or misdirected.

Media leads: Until we get the link on the website; Get those media contacts to: media@Badnarik.org. Be as thorough as you can: Station name, host name, phone number, location, producer name. Pre-screen for willingness to interview him if you can.

Finance Committee: If you are one of those who have lots of money, and know people with lots of money, I need you on my finance committee. Reply to the organizer of your yahoo list, and he will get it to me.

Events: If you want to have Michael in for events in your state, here are what we are looking for: At least 4 events within the area during a 2 or 3 day period, including media interviews, large LP groups wherein we can raise money, public events with a large crowd where his appearance on the stage (not wandering around in the crowd or sitting at a booth) is guaranteed by the organizers. Preference must be given to requests where the locals will pay his expenses to come in and provide a good opportunity to raise funds. I am sorry if this sounds harsh, but I am sure you can understand that we could easily spend every dime we raise flying him around the country to talk to groups of 25 Libertarians, and then not have a dime left to spend on TV. If you have event(s) that meets this criteria, or something that doesn't but you think would have value anyway, please write up exactly what you want to do and send it to events@Badnarik.org.

Patience and Understanding. We are working to get this up and running just as hard and fast as we can. Please cut us some slack while we try to figure our what we are doing, and how.

There is more, of course, but that will come in a later post.

What I don't need:
Flamers who criticize our efforts. I know for a fact that there are Republicrats out there that join our lists, and use lies and misrepresentation to distract and demoralize our troops. They pose as loyal Libertarians, then do everything they can to destroy what we are building. You have seen them, I'm sure. I am asking you all: Tell those who are attempting to knock us down, to go bother somebody else!

We are united,
we are determined,
we are Libertarians,
this is our year, and
we are coming on strong!
Lead, follow, or GET OUT OF THE WAY!

More to come soon. Thanks for your help, support, and enthusiasm.

Barbara Goushaw-Collins
Associate Manager
Badnarik for President

2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100
Washington DC 20037
World Wide Web: http://www.LP.org

For release: May 30, 2004

For additional information:
George Getz, Communications Director
E-mail: GeorgeGetz@HQ.LP.ORG

Constitutional scholar Michael Badnarik selected as Libertarian presidential candidate

ATLANTA—In a stunning come-from-behind victory, Texas constitutional scholar Michael Badnarik has won the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination.

Badnarik, 49, of Austin, Texas, won 423 votes—or 54%—from delegates at the Libertarian Party's national convention in Atlanta on Sunday. Coming in second was movie producer Aaron Russo, followed by longtime radio talk host Gary Nolan.

Badnarik's victory was considered a shock because he had been beaten in the polls and primaries by both Nolan and Russo. According to many undecided delegates, Badnarik's superior performance in the Saturday debates propelled him ahead of the other candidates.

In an emotional acceptance speech on the convention floor, a surprised Badnarik declared, "Never in my wildest dreams!" Then he thanked delegates for their support and made it clear that his campaign will stay focused on forcing the government to abide by the Constitution. "The reason we can't find a relationship between the Constitution and the government is that there is none," he said. "If I can win the Libertarian nomination, there's no reason I can't win this election. We have a unique opportunity to change the world."

For the past 3 years Badnarik has been teaching classes on the Constitution, and his message of forcing the government to strictly abide by that document appealed to many Libertarian delegates.

According to many political analysts, the Libertarian nominee could cost President George Bush the November election by attracting votes from frustrated Republicans in key swing states such as Wisconsin, Oregon and Nevada. According to a May 21 article by David Paul Kuhn, chief political writer for CBSNews.com, many conservatives are so angry over Bush's spending increases that they may abandon the GOP in November, If that happens, the Libertarian nominee "may do for Democrats in 2004 what Nader did for Republicans in 2000" and cost Bush the election, Kuhn says.

The Libertarian presidential candidate appeared on all 50 state ballots in 1992, 1996, and 2000, and the party is working toward that goal in 2004. Two other candidates, David Hollist of California and Jeffrey Diket of Louisiana, were eliminated in the first round of voting. In a separate vote, delegates chose Richard Campagna as their vice presidential nominee. Campagna, 52, is an attorney is Iowa City, Iowa.


Think Libertarian and the Libertarian Yellow Pages debuted at the convention last weekend. We had an overwhelming response and are very excited about market the "new face of the LP" below is our press release and please feel free to talk to my partner Mark Augustyn with any questions. And don't forget to register your site/company on the Libertarian Yellow Pages. it is free for 2004 and only $8 for the entire year of 2005. www.thinklibertarian.com, www.libertarianyellowpages.com

Libertarian Yellow Pages
"Support Your Own"

Scheduled for launch during the summer of 2004, the Libertarian Yellow Pages (www.libertarianyellowpages.com) will make its pre- launch debut at the Libertarian National Convention in May at the Marriot Marquis Hotel in downtown Atlanta.

The brainchild of Mark Augustyn and Maria Kessler-Reaves, the online database is set to become the single largest business resource within the Libertarian movement. The Libertarian Yellow Pages concept is profoundly simple: give Libertarian minded people a place to find and support Libertarian businesses and or professionals. According to co-founder Mark Augustyn, "We chose the tag line 'Support Your Own' because those three simple words explain exactly what we are trying to do; if your going to pay anybody to do anything for you, why not try and direct that business to someone who shares your Libertarian political perspective."

"You don't even have to be an official Libertarian to register or use the site. The site will welcome Libertarian party members, supporters, sympathizers and even people and businesses who are just fed up with the present two party mess. As the Libertarian Yellow Pages evolves, we certainly see the site becoming the premier online community for Libertarian minded people to come and support each other in business and ideas. Eventually we want to see the site grow into the "mecca" for all things Libertarian; whether you are looking for Libertarian businesses, professionals, organizations, candidates, politicians, merchandise sites, discussion forums, college organizations, or just ANYTHING Libertarian, we want you to be able to find it on the Libertarian Yellow Pages," founder Maria Kessler Reaves says.

During the remainder of 2004, businesses, organizations, professionals and individuals will be able to register and receive a free listing on the site. Starting in 2005, a standard listing will cost $8 per year and premium listings will run $15 per year; visitors to the site will always be allowed free access.

Mark Augustyn and Maria Kessler-Reaves are two young entrepreneurs from Atlanta with backgrounds in the entertainment and music industries (Hatchet Man Presents.com, The Biz of Music.com). Along with launching the Libertarian Yellow Pages, the pair will also debut a Libertarian themed merchandise company at the convention called Think Libertarian with a uniquely young and edgy look (www.thinklibertarian.com). "Think Libertarian merchandise will convey the kind of messages we have been searching for; we strongly believe they are also themes that will appeal to a lot of alienated non-voters," according to Maria Kessler Reaves. There is even talk from the founders about a possible web based news program based on the Think Libertarian concept.

For more information, please contact:

Mark Augustyn at 404.822.3986 or Maria Kessler-Reaves at 404.449.4668.

Please direct Libertarian Yellow Pages emails to info@libertarianyellowpages.com

Please direct Think Libertarian emails to info@thinklibertarian.com

Dear Editor:

If you'll recall, I wrote an article recently that was featured at this website. In it, I wrote that former National Football League player Pat Tillman was a chump who died for nothing. Come to find out, he died for even less than nothing.

Now we learn through reliable sources like CNN that Tillman was probably killed by "friendly fire." Can you envision a more insulting euphemism possible in this instance? Here's a guy who gives up fame and fortune (and relative safety) on one team, only to be shot to death by members of his new team!

Tillman should now be the poster boy for chumps, and his story should be the new definition for the word "dupe."

Russell D. Longcore

... I figured I'd post about this:

Nuketown's Libertarian Science Fiction Page

It's a page I created linking to every libertarian science fiction resource I could find on the Web. It includes links to author Web sites, book reviews, movie and TV reviews, commentary on libertarian SF and online fiction. I'm always looking for additions to this page; if you have any please send them to: editor@nuketown.com.

Ken Newquist

Dear Ken/Mr. Ed/Editor:

Re: "Letter from E.J. Totty"

Well, well, well....I'm at a loss as to where I ought to start.

But....ehhh, the hell with it. I'll just wing it as I go along.

When I wrote my response to Mr. Totty's letter regarding my farm subsidies piece, I didn't think that he would take serious offense to it. In fact, I thought he would just acknowledge that I wanted to goad him into a debate on the issue, as it IS an important issue. Obviously, based on his response to me, he has decided to launch a full-scale ad hominem on my character, not to mention that he tried to smear me in the process. I refuse to allow my dignity and integrity sink to the lowest depths of hell with his garbage, there seems to be a misunderstanding on his part notwithstanding. However, given that I've tried to be reasonable and dignified with my response to him the last time around, it just seems that I've done it all for naught. Oh well!

Here's my response to E.J.—albeit my final response to him. After that, I will have nothing else to say to him, given the obnoxious, vile, childish, and repugnant nature of his rejoinder (scratch that—I'll take the term "juvenile" over "childish" any day). Oh, and let's not forget that the words "vain," "smarmy," and "assholish" apply to that brand of mindset he generates on a daily basis. If what he says is remotely considered "libertarian" or at least trickles down to libertarianism, then the world, as we surely know it, just may be in trouble.

Ok, here's the response (remember, every man for himself!!!):

E.J., I never attacked you in my last letter to you. I never resorted to name-calling. I didn't launch any ad hominems at you. Granted, I criticized you....albeit you in a constructive way. However, it was never meant to be demeaning or cruel in any way. Point of fact, I stand by that truth. Point of fact, I dare you to quote anything I said that implied or even suggested that I attacked you or that I reacted to you in a derisive manner. Are you up for that? I hope so. I really hope so.

But first—let's get to the guts of the truth, shall we E.J.?

First, you said, and I quote:

"If you don't like what's the law (and if you vote—which I presume you do?), and if you don't like what's happening, that's just tough shit."

You're right, E.J. I don't like the law. I know you don't like it either. But you know what? You're the one who brought up the law— specifically on the law dealing with treaties. I didn't. You brought up a moot point that had NOTHING to do with my piece to begin with. If you didn't like what I had to say in my piece, then why did you respond to it in the first place? What were you expecting? Hmmmm?

You're also right that I am a voter. But you're wrong in assuming that I vote Republican or Democrat. I vote neither. I'm a Libertarian, E.J. I don't vote for the major parties. I don't support them. If you don't like the law, the same "tough shit" falls on you too. Why, how nice and warm and cuddly that is!

Second, you said, and I quote:

"People like you—who vote, are more the trouble than people as myself, simply because you believe that by voting, you can change things.

"Well, every time you lift a finger to a ballot, its you who's lifting a finger to oppress the rest of us who don't want to be a part of your corrupt system."

First of all, you know nothing about me. You don't know what I do on a daily basis. You have no idea how much I've done to achieve liberty on my own WITHOUT a freakin' shred of support from my libertarian—and Libertarian—colleagues. So how do you know I "lift a finger to oppress the rest of you who don't want to be" a part of the corrupt system? I don't even vote for those politicians who are interested in supporting that system.

How are you going to change things WITHOUT some form of limited government, E.J.? Hmmmm? How are you going to do it? You tell me.

While we're on the subject, how many converts have you won to your side? 100 people? 1,000? 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000? 10,000,000? 100,000,000? I don't see converts running up to your side screaming, "Let's abolish all governments worldwide!!! Let's do it!!!" I don't see it happening, E.J. In fact, I'm more than likely to believe that you have voted for Tony Blair and his bastards in office, given your Brit ass is a part of the problem. How many times have you objected to the war in Afghanistan? The war in Iraq? The war in Kosovo? Hmmmm?

Second, you have some GODDAMN nerve to attack me when you think you have all the answers to the world's problems. Who the hell do you think you are? Moses parting the Red Sea? Jesus Christ being nailed to the cross? What makes you so special? Hmmmm?

Then you wrote, and I quote:

"Just where the hell get off telling me how to live?

"You may prognosticate endlessly, and proceed to verbalize your arse off—as you did in your missive, but that doesn't make your point of view in the least valid, but rather verbose to the point of extreme boredom. Christ! You must be in love with your own words!

"The law is 'the law' because you gave it validity by voting."

Remember, you responded to my piece, ASSHOLE! I wrote in kindness because you disputed with my findings. I corrected you because my findings were accurate. It's that simple. If you have a problem with it, too freakin' bad!

I have never, throughout the course of this debate, to tell you how to live. I never have, and I never will. But I will not stand here and be insulted, be attacked, and be burned by a freakin' "know-it-all" prick. It's that simple. You want to flick boogers at my direction? Go ahead—be my guest. I will flick 'em back. I can be a nice guy, but I can be THE asshole.

Let me also point out that I hate the system as it is, Totty. There!!! I've said it!! I hate the system as it is. If I had the ability to move the sky, the earth, and the mountains, I could all of that and move life to a libertarian direction with a wiggle of my nose, but that's just fantasy, and we both know it.

I hate paying taxes to the system, Totty. If I could wiggle my nose and make the tax system disappear, I would be more than elated to see it gone forever. Poof! No more American tax system. But the system exists not because of me; it exists because it's been here for a long, long time—much longer than I have been around. So once again—I HATE PAYING TAXES! But am I supposed to go to prison, thanks to the IRS agents who love waving their guns, forcing me—and MANY other Americans—to pay into a system that is virtually morally, ethically, constitutionally, and humanly bankrupt?

If fire and brimstone rained down from the sky, hit the White House and every branch of government, and killed every government agent, politician, statist supporter, and corrupt ass-kisser, I'd be pilfering a set of pom-poms and cheering for the devastation of statist life on this planet all the freakin' way. Yet the truth is—it'll never happen. I doubt I will see liberty in my lifetime. If I ever have children, I doubt they will see it too. And that's the tragedy.

You think I want this kind of world, Totty? You think I like going to a private school that is controlled by the state imposing Keynesian economics on the people and coercing people to believe in a statist agenda espousing anti-corporation/pro-government claptrap while instilling into the minds of mindless saps who don't even bother to convince themselves of the truth or what.

You think I enjoy watching my facist parents advocating Big Government, the war in Iraq, Big Spending, etc.? You think I like witnessing my parents—facist Republicans as they truly are—who hate freedom so much that they think that they are protecting it but don't even know they're help destroying it? Hmmmm? Is that what you think?

Well, you're wrong! You know nothing about me, as I indicated before. You know nothing about who I am and what I've done.

Perhaps it would surprise you to know that I've been a columnist for Liberty For All Online Magazine as well, Mr. Totty. I'm also an occasional writer for this site and Ifeminists.net. I'm also an At-Large Representative for Outright Libertarians, a gay, lesbian, gay, and transgendered wing of my party. I've sent in a handful of LTEs (letters to the editor) that were never published. I used to be the Newsletter Editor of the Libertarian Party of Michigan. I even used to be a Campaign Chairman of the LPM from 1999 to 2000.

Should I also mention that I am a former founding member of Libertarians for Peace (a co-founder actually who started the first Yahoo Groups website TWO DAYS after 9/11). I am also a former founding member of the defunct Michigan affiliate of that organization.

I've had a second cousin who was murdered two years ago by a group of homicidal, sick teens (one of them shot her in the back of the head, pissed on her, and lit her up like a freakin' bonfire). Hmmmm? And this was in the State of Indiana.

I'm a devout, practicing Aridian Wiccan (yes, I practice Wicca). I'm a Pagan, and I take my spirituality and religion very seriously. But I don't shove my beliefs down anyone's throat. You think I shove my political beliefs down your throat? Grow the hell up! I never did. When you say I've done that, it's a lie.

What have you done? Oh yeah, you just write "letters to the editor" here at the Libertarian Enterprise. That's right. I almost forgot.

So let's get one thing straight, ass wipe: until you know me personally, you truly don't know me. It didn't have to be this way, but you made it that way. You make it difficult for me to defend your right to your view. To hell with that—you make it impossible. 'Nuff said!!!

Now that I'm done venting, I refuse to dignify any more of your asinine thinking and pathetic answers with more responses.

And now.....now I don't have anything else to say to you, E.J.

Good bye and good riddance.

Yours in Liberty,
Todd Andrew Barnett

Re: "Death by Theory?", by Wendy McElroy http://www.webleyweb.com/tle/tle273-20040530-09.html


Well, all I have to say is 'Death by inflicted willful ignorance.'

That 'local doctor' should have had his own penis removed for incompetence, the Bastard!

My mother told me—when I was about 12 or so, that the reason she didn't allow the 'operation' to be performed upon myself, was that the babies being 'operated' upon screamed like nothing she'd ever heard.

She was a nurse, and didn't want me to feel such pain.

As far as I am concerned, circumcision is the most extreme form of child sexual abuse, and should be punished by nothing short of death.

Your own opinion may vary, but taking something from a child who has no ability to raise any degree of credible defence is nothing short of the most extreme form of oppression.

In Liberty,
EJ Totty

Re: "Michael Badnarik: The LP Picks a Winner", by L. Neil Smith http://www.webleyweb.com/tle/tle273-20040530-10.html

L. Neil,

Well, I dunno.

As I look at things? All I have to say is' Fuck it.'

Sorry to be so 'succinct,' but that's just the way I see things anymore.

There's just no way any of us can change the way 'things' are being run anymore, and it's because of the fact that most Americans have their heads shoved so far up their collective arseholes that no matter what you, I, or anyone else does, it won't matter in the least.

It devolves to just this: Why vote?

Look here: Voting is the essence of a 'hand-job.'

You get off, but what did it achieve—beyond a certain degree of 'self-satisfaction?'

If the orgasm didn't get you where you wanted to be, then what the hell was all the effort all about?!!

Both you and I know that what happens in the month of November won't matter one fucking bit—come pole time.

Actually, what will happen is that the various 'majority' parties will laugh at length about the ineffectual ability of the so-called 'libertarian party' to have had any affect at all!

By any of us participating in the 'process', we merely lend credence to the fact that no matter how hard we try to make a change, we all become part of the process that will eventually enslave us— completely.

In closing, let me say this: The Libertarian Party was a good idea, but it happened way too late in the history of the Empire.

By way of comparison, it was a small itch that needed scratching—on the way to the totality. Some of us scratched, but the rest didn't.

In Liberty,
EJ Totty

Re: Letters to the Editor, Issues 271 and 273

Regarding the issue of team sports, I think both Mr Miles and Larry have valid points.

Yes, Larry, there's nothing inherently wrong with team sports per se, just as there's nothing inherently wrong with science or the arts. Ultimately, everything has to be put in a context. As such, the Nazis perverted both science and the arts for their own nefarious ends, and it's not to say there isn't a social or political agenda behind sport in our society. Sport was a major propoganda tool by both sides in the Cold War.

There is nothing wrong with a kick, hit or throw in the backyard or down at the local park. Likewise, individual sports can be, and have been, used in equally bad ways as team sports. In addition to the examples listed, I would list the Japanese martial arts (which I practise), which far from being used for the betterment of the individual and those around him (as often espoused), were at various points used for the subjugation of the individual will to fanatical obedience to a totalitarian state.

All that aside though, I think what Mr Miles was trying to say is that team sports, especially in the school environment, were and are, often used as a way to divide and conquer and to create a certain elite class that has carte blanche to wield power over docile, obedient others. This is a precursor to, or microcosm of, society at large.

I think that says more about the abuse of power by both the so-called coaches and the players involved, and perhaps humanity in general via the fans, than it does about team sports per se. Never-the-less though, there is still a problem at large.

Caleb Paul

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