L. Neil Smith's
Number 274, June 6, 2004

What do we need ... what do we not need?

Dear Mike Badnarik Supporters, Friends, and Future Friends
by Alan R. Weiss
Economics Editor, NetPlanetNews.com

Special to TLE

I gave one of the nominating speeches for my friend, Michael Badnarik.

It was more than just "an Austin thing." I meant it.

"Hello, my name is Alan R. Weiss from Austin, Texas and the Free State of New Hampshire. I'm here to place into nomination the next President of the United States of America, Michael Badnarik!"

[lots of applause]

I can't remember what I said after that. Sorry. I had no written speech. I needed no written speech. It came to me effortlessly, the idea that Mike Badnarik has not only READ "Hope" by L. Neil Smith (which I mentioned in my speech), but that he IS Alexander Hope, the best hope we have to turn the tide of statism around.

And I said so, so that all the world will know.

I think it made CSPAN—if anyone has it, PLEASE let me know so I can pay you for a copy! Please? :-)

Shock the world! Tell your friends that the Libertarian Party, the Party of Principle, has finally lived up to its slogan and has elected a man of extraordinary principle - a man uncomproming in his dedication to Liberty. Mike Badnarik is JUST the person to stick it to Twiddle-dee (John Kerry) and Twiddle-really-dumb (George Bush), just the person to teach the Media what the Constitution really means, and prove it.

In the process, Mike Badnarik is saving the Libertarian Party from its disgraceful diseases of the past - the corruption, the mindless proprietary special interest in lining one's own pockets, and the grinding, cancerous slide into LINO ("Libertarian in Name Only") "compromise" with the Devil himself.

Aaron Russo gave it a great run, and MANY Libertarians supported Aaron's passionate, emotional approach to defending Liberty. We can learn a LOT from Aaron Russo, and at the Victory Battle Planning Meeting I suggested we contact Aaron to ask for his help in creating 30 and 60 second TV spots. The idea was warmly received, especially by Michael.

Gary Nolan was gracious and generous in his endorsement of Mike as he conceded the race. The Convention gave him a richly deserved standing ovation for his tireless stumping for Liberty. Mike and Gary see eye to eye on nearly ("nearly") everything, and in at the Victory Battle Planning Meeting, we Badnarik supporters got to meet our new teammates.

We "Hope" to bring all Libertarians together to fight the scourge of fascism, socialism, statism, CONTROL by a Gooferment run amuck.

I am, frankly, just a little excited.

Alan R. Weiss, in addition to being the Economics Editor for NetPlanetNews.com, is Vice President, Free State Project, CEO, Synchromesh Computing and ECL, and longtime contributor and supporter to Mike Badnarik's campaign.

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