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Badnarik for President

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the toon
"What an Argument", by David Horsey
(Thanks to Marc Brands Liberty for pointing us to this.)

Number 274, June 6, 2004

What do we need ... what do we not need?


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Letters to the Editor
Letters from Barbara Goushaw-Collins, The Libertarian Party, the Libertarian Yellow Pages, Russell D. Longcore, Ken Newquist, Todd Andrew Barnett, EJ Totty, and Caleb Paul:

Dear Mike Badnarik Supporters, Friends, and Future Friends
by Alan R. Weiss
I gave one of the nominating speeches for my friend, Michael Badnarik. It was more than just "an Austin thing." I meant it. "Hello, my name is Alan R. Weiss from Austin, Texas and the Free State of New Hampshire. I'm here to place into nomination the next President of the United States of America, Michael Badnarik!"

by Ron Beatty
Other than my father, two men have influenced my life more than any others. Both of these men are legends in their field, and I'm sure have influenced many lives other than mine.

To Forgive and Forget: What's in it for Me?
by Lady Liberty
Ten years ago, I had just moved to a new city and had not yet started my new job. That's why I was able, as I unpacked my household goods, to watch much of the ongoing OJ Simpson circus as it was broadcast live on cable TV news channels. I saw the so-called slow motion chase; I saw the footage of Simpson attending his ex-wife's, and the bitter public statements from her family. And even once I was working again, news concerning the pending trial—and then the trial itself—was so pervasive I was still saturated with information about it no matter when I chose to watch the news or on which channel.

A Stable Platform
by Chris Claypoole
I have a button that says, "Taxation is theft. Conscription is slavery. War is murder. Any questions?" I can think of no more succinct way of stating what I wish Michael Badnarik's campaign to emphasize.

Be Ashamed ... Be Very Ashamed
by L. Neil Smith
In case you have been hermetically sealed in a cave somewhere -- or simply been limited exclusively to watching and listening to the whorishly "embedded" American "news" media—you may not know that the United States government has been up to some astonishingly ugly business at its military base in Guantanamo, Cuba, and in other places.

How to Respond to an Unjust Law
by Wendy McElroy
On April 1, estranged father Ron Davis stood up in the British House of Commons. Shouting "I haven't seen my daughter for five years," he hurled a condom full of purple-dyed cornstarch at British Prime Minister Tony Blair. The House was evacuated in alarm.

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