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Number 275, June 13, 2004

"The Sovereign in this country is the people themselves"

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Letter from Caleb Paul

Letter from DC Collins

Letter from Kaptain Kanada

Letter from "Scott"

Letter from Mrs. Melissa Seaman

With respect to the electoral process, I can't see how it can actually be justified in a libertarian way, because it seems to attempt to say that the means justify the ends. Even if libertarians running for office are actually doing it to abolish the whole system of government, aren't they participating in a system that says "the bigger mob has a right to tell the smaller mob or individual what to do" or something of the sort? Now, even if that's for the best of intentions, it would seem to miss the point. The idea of a libertarian politician seems contradictory to me.

Maybe the means do justify the ends as a means of transition to something better. Maybe the whole thing just legitimises the system though. It would seem to me that change will never come through the electoral process anyway. Firstly, if push came to shove, the powers that be would never accept a democratic decision that would unseat them. Secondly though, if enough people were willing to vote libertarian, wouldn't that make the election both irrelevant and redundant?

Maybe I'm confused on this, but I think anyone who votes (including for a libertarian) or in any other way lends support to "the system" deserves all he gets. I'm sick of hearing people who walk into the lion's den and then complain about losing an arm or a leg.

Caleb Paul

Dear Mr. Editor:

This is in response to the Letter to the Editor by Barbara Goushaw-Collins.

I was a Michael Badnarik supporter during the campaign. I still am. In other words, he was "my guy" the whole way through. Not just after he won the nomination.

Having said that, now I am afraid that I must also say that, while I will stump for Michael as best I can in my own little ways, I will remain unable to send one thin dime to the Badnarik for President campaign as long as one single member of the Browne-Cloud-Dasbach machine is directly involved in Michael's campaign.

I do not trust them with the Campaign 'War chest', so I will not be contributing to it.

It is my sincere wish that Michael finds another campaign team, so that I may feel comfortable about making my little donations.

Thank you for your time.

Warmest regards,

DC Collins <Z.A.P.>

Re: Your recent column about Ron Davis and Fathers For Justice, et cetera
"How to Respond to an Unjust Law", by Wendy McElroy

Dear Wendy McElroy,

To hell with "caution"; it doesn't work. Ron Davis is a member of the second generation of fathers whose children have been alienated, hidden, and generally kept from them and the paternal grandparents. I should know; I'm 55 years old, and the ex-wife long ago finished turning my son (now 32) into a doper and alkie just like Dear Old Mom. (This is my only child, you understand. To say that I'm upset about it would be a massive, ludicrous understatement.) And my son and I weren't the first to be victimised, not by far.

My one great regret is that I did not do something to put a scare into certain parties and institutions, for that is the sole and only way of even getting minimal attention to the horror of depriving children of their fathers. All the studies that prove that children who are raised apart from Dad will have higher rates of juvenile delinquency, much less academic and career success, much higher rates of alcoholism and drug addiction, and shorter and unhealthier lives don't make a difference to the feminazis who control the damned State in the Western world. As a matter of fact, the custody and visitation situation, as you admit, have actually got worse with time.

Meanwhile, the feminazis taunt and mock fathers, and rob them blind in the name of "child support" or, as it's now called in Canada "maintenance". (It was a bit embarrassing to call it "child support" since the women receiving it have never had any obligation to spend a penny of it on the children, nor to give any account of what they do with the extorted funds at all.)

Visitation "rights" are never enforced, but the extortion comes right off a man's paycheque in this country. Any resistance is immediately met with the armed force of the State, so it is only right and logical for men to defend themselves and their children's rights in like manner. If anything, Ron Davis was far too pacifistic.

There is no PR to be lost even by outright guerilla warfare, as the only people who care are the fathers and their parents. There is no body politic to be alienated, and the mass media are cheerleaders for feminaziism, anyway.

The reason why people resort to urban guerilla tactics is that they are confronted with massive injustice served up by overwhelming force. Unconventional warfare is the only possible path to recognition, not to mention any possibility of success. If that means throwing some coloured icing sugar or lobbing a cream pie at some pompous statist, then let their aim be true!

So, thanks for your advice, but playing Mr Nice Guy has been tried for 40 years now, and it's been found to be a complete failure. The only option open to fathers is to get serious. Should an actual armed, underground guerilla force start up, it would be good news and a ray of hope, in my opinion. Men need to be armed, not pussy-whipped.

Very sincerely indeed,

Kaptain Kanada
a.k.a. Manuel Miles

Dearest America and Libertarians everywhere,

Here is your coupon for over fifty percent off your next government. To start with, we need on million of you Liberty loving People from anywhere on the planet to decide right now that your next paycheck will see at least $20-$30 going to Badnarik on www.Amazon.com's Badnarik / Libertarian Link. If that is small change to you, I'm sure the campaign would put ten thousand dollars to good use.

DO you have a vehicle, a laptop, a voice, a pen, a design, a half hour block on a local radio station, a web site or space, a shoulder, or anything that could be useful if donated to the cause. Let the campaign know what assets they can rely on, from YOU and I mean NOW. Start sending out cards, fliers to friends and enemies with Badnarik's link attached. Start having casual conversations about the philosophy known as Libertarian. Use your precious printer ink to design and make bold statements about this election. Be a name dropper of the next candidate for your party.

Live responsibly so others will not consider you 'libertarianism' as a excuse for behavioral issues, your 'out'. If it is not, clean your house, get it in order. Up productivity for the next term.

But most of all click that pay button on the Amazon site. It will show that we Libertarians from across the globe are willing to unite, and fight for what we believe in. ANd if that means the sacrifice of the cost of a few Cd's of video's. So be it. If it be at the cost of a few pleasures you have in your routine, So be It. If it be giving to the Badnarik campaign the price of a tank of gas, a night in Orlando, and a warm meal, SO BE IT. If you have a warm home for Michael, share it. If you have a few moments on the bus to chat with someone about the state of politics, smile and endorse the one that has already won your vote on principal, not fear. Find yourself in chat rooms? Drop the hint, www.lp.org. Drop it heavy, lay it on thick... get it?

Michael is ours for the next few months. He will truly go on to greater things after that. Give him something for his next office he will never forget.

Make a decision now, before payday, that you will drop money into the campaign account. You know where it is. You could decide to do this once a month. Once a week. Or as often as you can.

A libertarian in the media, much less the white house, will not come cheap. Perhaps you would like to match Badnarik the funds the Income tax takes out of your wallet. Thereby footing the bill for someone who is truly aimed at returning such a bold investment. If the income tax takes more than 200 dollars from you, (I know they do) then Amazon can only help you once. So you'll actually have to pledge more American dollars directly to the campaign. But this will cause great happiness as you see your investments return.

Have you imagined a Libertarian in the debates? Have you shared you idea and thoughts with those around you? Do you have a local radio station that would air some ads that Badnarik put together? Would you share ad space on your web site or blog for a link or sound byte? Would your local paper benefit from a want ad that says, "SEEKING LIBERTARIAN VOICE IN THE DEBATES!!!"? Place that ad.

What do you want???

Funny thing is, Michael already knows what you want. So give him a hand and you'd be amazed at what he can build. The pen is mightier than the sword, lucky for me I have forty-seven. (Black ink)

'Liberty will not be delivered on a feather bed', (Nor a Tempur-Pedic)

SO take those silver dollars out of the cellar and use them as the silver bullet, knowing it may just graze the beast in charge.

Ready... Aim... Michael!!!!



Contributions raised at Amazon.com: $6,070.00
Number of contributions received at Amazon.com: 145
Average contribution: $41.86

Mrs. Melissa Seaman
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