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Number 275, June 13, 2004

"The Sovereign in this country is the people themselves"

Anyone But Bush! Why Die-hard Kerry Supporters should support Badnarik
by Travis Pahl

Special to TLE

We are a nation divided. The last presidential election was one of the closest in US history and despite major changes in the world and country in the past 4 years; this election looks to be just as close as the last. What this means is that every vote matters. Every vote we can take away from George Bush brings Kerry one-step closer to winning the election.

Most devoted supporters of the Democrats and John Kerry agree that this nation cannot afford another 4 years with George Bush as President. They want to do everything they can to prevent Bush from being re-elected, right? If you are such a supporter, I'm sure you have already sent money to Kerry, volunteered to help his campaign, and even put a few signs in your window and on the bumper of your car. What else is left for a Kerry supporter to do?

Support Michael Badnarik! I know I can hear the response already, "Why would I support Badnarik, I already told you I am die-hard Kerry supporter. I am not going to support someone else!" The reason you should support Badnarik is because of the way the US election system works. Your candidate does not need a majority to win the election; they just need to get more than any other candidate. That means that every voter that was going to vote for Bush but instead votes for Badnarik, is just as valuable as your vote for Kerry.

Badnarik appeals to the disappointed Bush supporters in much the same way Nader appealed to disappointed Gore supporters in 2000. With support from the anti-war left, the spoiler effect will lead to a win for the democrats this year rather another close loss like the 2000 election.

You could of course try to convince Bush supporters to vote for Kerry, but you are not going to have much luck. As much as YOU may like Kerry, his policies do not appeal to these people, and you will never convince them to vote for Kerry in a million years. However, you can convince them to support Michael Badnarik. Convincing a Bush supporter to vote for Badnarik rather than Kerry is many times more likely to happen and nearly as valuable.

Why is it so easy to convince them to vote for Badnarik? Many Bush supporters are very disappointed with Bush. They expected Bush to keep his word when he spoke out against America sending troops to foreign nations as 'nation builders'. They expected to see the government get smaller, not bigger during Bush's reign in office. They expected Bush to support the 2nd amendment and oppose new and existing gun laws. Bush has disappointed them in all these regards. Badnarik strongly opposes the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, is a strong supporter of the second amendment, and wants to reduce government spending drastically. All it takes to convince alot of these disappointed Bush voters to switch is for them to simply become aware of the alternative.

How can you help Badnarik's campaign become more visible? The easiest way of course is to send him money. 80% of funds raised will be going to advertising on television. You can do send from $5 - $200 to his campaign at Amazon.com. Or on Badnarik's Official Website or if you prefer to do it the old fashioned way, you can send checks to:

Michael Badnarik Campaign
P.O. Box 841
Buda, Texas 78610

Mention Badnarik to everyone you meet as an anti-war alternative to Bush. Join your local Badnarik2004 Meetup Support Badnarik in everyway you can think of just as you are supporting Kerry. Both are going to need your help if we are going to make sure Bush is not re-elected!


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